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Ring-Knutstorp Sports Car Race

April 30, 1967

3 AM the morning of the races - after many late nights in the shop!

The Lotus 30/L/16 in Coupe form in 1967.

Heine Lindeström has been tracking down the history of this Lotus 30 which has been modified into a coupe. Heine says that the modification was done to meet racing class requirements. The photos are courtesy of Heine's cousin, Magne Sjöström.

Heine writes: "Now I learned much more about the car, and have spoken to some preowners.When I have spoken to all of them i vill put it together and show it to you. I also have some nice color pictures from 68-69-70.

"One preowner showed me a film that was taken by a friend while he was racing the 30, around -70. It was now converted into video. Not so long but really nice to see it going.

"It's car nr 16."

Report adapted from information supplied by Heine Lindeström

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