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See photos of the Pink Stamps Special Lotus 30/40 and other Lotus 30s or 40s throught the years-

Race-Proved by Willment - from 1965 and '66 of this Lotus 30/40 was raced by the Willment team.

Willment Years - Photo show Brian Muir, Frank Gardner, Bob Bondurant, and Willment Team manager Jeff Uren. 10 photos.
The Pink Stamps Years - photos of the Pink Stamp Special while it was racing in England and Scotland from 1970 to 1973.
In and About - Photos from trackside and in the pits. 8 photos.
On Track - Photos of the car in action! 5 photos.
Restoration Photos - photos of the Pink Stamp Special since it arrived in Portland, OR USA 1978 to 1990.
November 1978 - The car arrives in Portland. 8 photos.
May-June 1979 - Disassembling the car.
October 1979 - Steam Cleaning the chassis.
June 1983 - The ex-Alan Mann Ford GT-40 Ford 302 engine is out with new carbs. 7 photos.
March-May 1989 - In the body shop.
Spring 1990 - Rolling the car out of the body shop. 8 photos.
Photos from British Field Meets and more.
Current Photos - photos of the Pink Stamp Special 1990 to present.

2002 Portland Historic Races

2002 Portland Historic Races Preparation- Photos from the many hours of putting the The Pink Stamps Special together for the Historic Races. 61 photos. DSCN1844
2002 Portland Historic Races - Friday The Pink Stamps Special returns to the racetrack for the first time in nearly 30 years! Kirk Keyes at the wheel. 48 photos. lotus62
2002 Portland Historic Races - Saturday/Sunday Qualifying sessions for the race. Brady Joy at the wheel. 38 photos. DSCN1898

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2002 All British Field Meet / Lotus Club Track Day
Sit in the Drivers Seat! - See a panoramic view from the drivers seat.
Video Clips - Download video the Pink Stamp Special running.
Hear the Engine! - What more need I say?

Photos of Other Lotus 30s and 40s

Richard Dagiel's Lotus Series 1 Lotus 30

- circa 1968 to '70

Richard Dagiel's Lotus 30
Heine Lindeström has sent us some photos that his cousin Magne Sjöström took in 1967 of a Lotus 30 Coupe. The coupe was based on Lotus 30/L/16. Heine is currently working on tracing down more information on this car. Lotus 30/L/16
Lotus 30/L/7 found at Retromobile 2002 car show 2002 Retromobile Car
Lotus 30/S2/1 has been found. Lotus 30/S2/1
NEW!Photos from the 2002 Goodwood Revival. 2002 Goodwood Revival is dedicated to preserving the history of vintage Lotus 30 and 40 sports racing cars.