Pink Stamps Racing Lotus 30/40 History - Part 5

by Richard Keyes

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Shipped to the United States for Resale

After the Mallory Park crash the frame was re-straightened, new uprights fitted and Bob Dove [20] hammered a new aluminium rear panel replacement. The car eventually went to Stephen Langton of Reigate and was shipped in 1978 to Gordon Keller, Oakland, CA, for resale. It was purchased by Dick Keyes and John Strange in 1978 from Gordon Keller through an ad in Autoweek. Gordon has sold 2 additional Lotus 30's here in the states.


The restoration has been accomplished by Jack Brink at his shop in Carus, Oregon.

Scale Models

From the days in '66 when Ford Motor Co. was using this car as a showcar there was a 1:24 scale model (plastic) Willment 30/40 made. John Markey showed Dick Keyes his model and it has all of the unique vents and ducts of this particular car. No manufacturers name is cast into it however.

In 1995, SMTS (Scale Model Technical Services) Brunel Road, Hastings, Sussex TN38 9 RT UK released a 1:43 scale model in resin of the Willment Team Lotus 30 with racing car No. 16. This was Brian Muir's car number driven at Mallory Park in 1966.

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