Lotus 30/L/7 at the 2002 Rétromobile Show.

Lotus 30/L/7

The Lotus 30 of Rétromobile 2002

This car was originally sold to Duchess Auto in California in November 1964. It was raced at Nassau and in some SCCA events. It has been said that the car was used "more for partying and posing, and the racing was somewhat incidental." After that the car was kept in display condition.

It was bought in 1979 from the USA by Alex Seldon and preperated for vintage car racing. Alex had some success in HSCC events with it, winning the 1980 Classic Sports Car Championship for it's class.

The car is a Series One which has been updated to a Series Two, with 15 in. wheels, a detachable chassis section, and other improvements. It has a Ford 289 (a very early Ford Advanced Vehicles GT 40 engine prepared by Stuart Mathieson's Mathwall Engineering) rated for 380 bhp. The Tecalemit - Jackson fuel injection was replaced by Weber 48 IDA carburateurs (the horse power was around 350 et 6500 rpm at this time). The gear box was said to be a reconditioned ZF 5 DS-20.

It was sold in 1981 to Jeffrey Wakelin and just before being featured in Doug Nye's excellent Old Motor article "The Beautiful Miscalculation" in October 1981. Doug shoehorned himself in the Alex's car and did a few laps in it. At that time, the car was in gorgeous condition with medium red paint. Wakelin did some racing with it and then put it up for sale the same year.

The car then seems to have promptly disappeared in 1981, being found in the USA in 1999 by Mike Paton. It stayed 3 years in California for sale without sucess. The "galerie du damier" bought it in 2001. It was shown on Feb. 2, 2002 at Rétromobile and sold that day. The new buyer, asked to keep the car out of the Rétromobile show. So it stay 2 days at Rétromobile 2002, and was replaced by a Lotus 11.

The car was again for sale in 2002 in Belgium by French dealer Christophe Pund.

The April 2002 issue of Classic and Sports Car has a photo of this car with the following information:


"This fabulous Lotus 30 has been unearthed in Belgium by French dealer Christophe Pund. It had been in storage for 20 years. The car was delivered to Duchess Autos, California on November 11, 1964, and campainged at Nassau and selected SCCA events. However, it was primarily used for display purposes. By the late '70s, it was in the keep of Alex Seldon who had the car restored, racing it with some success at HSCC meetings. It subsequently passed to Jeffrey Wakelin, who in turn sold it on. The car is complete, but requires comprehensive restoration. It's for sale and Pund can be reached on 0033 328 405924."

More photos of this car can be seen here.

Chassis No.
Known Owners
1964 - Duchess Auto (U.S.A.)

1965 - Unknown

1979 - Alex Seldon

1981 - Jeffrey Wakelin


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"Lotus Big-Banger Found in Belgium", Classic and Sports Car, Apr. 2002, p. 76. with photo.

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