Lotus 30/L/17

Chassis No.
Known Owners
1964 - Ian Walker (replacement car) See 30/L/1. This car was built around the surviving parts from the crash of chassis 30/L/1. This car was never raced by Ian Walker Racing, and it was offered for sale in Autosport on 29 Jan 1965 for 3100 GBP.

1965 - Kurt Rost (Switzerland) Rost raced the car in Germany and Austria and the occasional Swiss hill climb.

1967 - Albert Pfuhl (Germany) Raced a few times by Pfuhl.

1968 - Stored by a couple different owners from 1968 to the early 1980s.

1980s (early) - Heinz Schreiber (Germany) - current owner. Car under restoration.

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