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Pink Stamps Lotus 30 Info

The Pink Stamps Lotus 30 finally made it onto a race track for the first time in nearly 30 years at the 2002 Baxters Autoparts Portland Historic Races which were held at Portland International Raceway on July 12-14, 2002.

Please look for us at the SOVREN Historic Races at the end of August, 2004 or the Portland Historic Races in July, 2004 at Portland International Raceway.

Recent Additions to this Web Site

New Photos of John Masterson's ex-Jim Clark Lotus 30 (2004-03-06) - John Masterson bought Jim Clark's Lotus 30 at the completion of the 1964 Riverside Times Grand Prix. Unfortunately, John's car was wrecked the following week in practice for the Monterey Grand Prix at Laguna Seca. John has let us copy the only 4 photos he has of this car. 4 images!
New Photos of Lotus 30/L/12 (2004-03-06) - Richard Dagiel's Lotus 30Please look at new photos that have been added of Richard Dagiel's Lotus 30. Richard owned this car from 1968 to '71 and raced it around the Chicagoland area. 31 images - 29 new!
Scale Model Cars Section (2004-03-06) - Several readers of this web site have sent in photos of their Scale Model Lotus 30s and 40s. Check out their fine work.
2002 Goodwood Revival Photos - Junro Nishida's yellow Lotus 30/S1 makes an appearance the the 2002 Revival meet. 4 images
Lotus 30/S2/1Lotus 30/S2/1 was found in 2003. www.carclassic.com has the listing and has graciously supplied us with photographs and some information about the history of this car. 18 images
Lotus 30/L/16 Heine Lindeström has sent us some photos that his cousin Magne Sjöström took in 1967 of a Lotus 30 which was modified into a coupe. The photos were taken on April 30, 1967 at the Ring-Knutstorp. Heine is currently working on tracing down more information on this car. 16 images
Retromobile 2002 Lotus 30/L/7Lotus 30/L/7 was found at Retromobile 2002 show in Versailles, France, earlier this year. Emmanuel Joucla and Frank Pandolfi, both members of Club Lotus France, have been kind enough to send in their photos from this show. This car was originally sold in the States and raced at Nassau and some of the SCCA circuit. It was bought by Alex Seldon in 1979 and was featured in Doug Nye's article "The Beautiful Miscalculation" in the Oct.1981 issue of Old Motor magazine. The car was sold at least twice after Seldon owned it and then it seemed to have disappeared. It finally resurfaced at this Retromobile show. 41 images
Jim Clark Competition Information - We have added a complete Competition Listing of all the races that Jim Clark competed in during his career. This information was adapted from the list that Graham Gauld has published in his book, Jim Clark Remembered. We would like to thank Mr. Gauld for kindly giving his permission to reprint it.
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