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The following link are not currently for the general public as I have not checked with the copyright owners yet to get permission to republish them. So for now, I am only pointing people that ask for these drawings to this page. Please do not post this drawing or link to this page without permission.

Due to the size of these drawings, you will most likely need a good graphics program like Adobe Photoshop, Corel Photopaint, or JASC Paint Shop Pro to open or print these files.

Thank you for following this request and I hope these drawing helps with your project.

Kirk Keyes

The Motor -Cut-Away Drawing – Jan 22, 1964


The image section above is just a small portion of the image that can be downloaded from here. The image is over 6800 x 4800 pixels in size.

The Motor 1964 01 22 P41 printable 8×10.jpg 11 megs, jpg format download

The Motor – Cutaway Drawing, Jan. 22, 1964

Lotus 30 General Arrangement Drawing



The image above is just a small portion of the Lotus 30 General Arrangement Darwing that can be downloaded below. Both of these links are to the same drawing – they differ only in the file format. The images are over 18,000 x 12,000 pixels in size.

Lotus-30-General-Arrangement-1200dpi-Joined.jpg 9 megs, jpg format download

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