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Richard Dagiel’s Lotus 30

At the Track

Unidentified Lotus 30

RA Historian wrote, “Amazingly enough, I have almost identical photos to those two! Taken same day, same place, only at a very slightly different angle.

The track is Wilmot Hills, Wis., the event was an SCCA Regional, the date was the middle Sunday of July, 1967. The car did not compete in the race at all, but just sat in the paddock like this all day. I also do not have any idea as to who owned the car. One interesting aspect of the car is that it had two wooden (?) blocks jutting up through the rear deck just aft of the engine. Don’t know their purpose.


In the Garage

Publications and News Clippings

Richard and Ted Dagiel

Richard and Ted Dagiel, Feb. 2003Thanks for your help!

Richard Dagiel’s Series 1 Lotus 30 – circa 1970

Believed to be chassis 30/L/12.

Richard’s car was purchased from Robert (Bob) Shaw of Rockford Ill. Bob was friends with Homer J. Rader, of Lotus Southwest, who sold Bob the car sometime in the mid 60’s (possibly 1966). Bob traded in a Lotus 23B for it. Richard believes the chassis number of this car was #14.
Bob raced the car in the dark green color that is seem here, but he had a white Autodelta style four-leaf clover, the quadrifoglio, which has usually been borne through the ages by Alfa Romeo racers, painted on the car. The clover betrays Bob’s racing history, as he was the 1963 F-Production National Champion driving an alfa romeo.Richard ran the car with dark green metallic paint – one year it had a yellow nose stripe, the other year it was gold.
Richard co-drove the car with Bob, and he worked on it until he bought it in 1968. Richard raced this car at tracks around the Chicago area including Elkhart Lake.
Richard, with a co-driver Guy Wooley, raced in the 1968 USRRC Road America “500” at Elkhart Lake on July 28, 1968. The car is identified as a “Lotus 289”. They finished in 14th place out of the 33 cars that started, having completed 93 of the final 125 laps.
Richard said that he and Bob entered the 1966 USRRC Road America 500 race on Sept 9. While driving, the front chassis box started to collapsed on him, eventually pinching off his brake lines. This caused the brake fluid to come spraying up onto the windscreen. That must have been exciting! They are listed in the USRRC records as DNFing on lap 61. The car is listed as a “Lotus LSM Ford”. Richard was a mechanical engineer by profession, and he is the one who rebuilt the car after this failure.
The car was sold to a Dieter Lewis in 1971. The whereabouts of the car is unknown.
Specs on the car from Richard Dagiel’s time of ownership:

  • The car had been modified to Lotus 40 specs.
  • ZF 5-speed with transmission cooler
  • 289 C.I.D. Lotus Modified engine
  • Telcalemit & Lucas (Jackson?) mechanical fuel injection
  • 15″ wheels
  • 4 piston disk brakes – these brakes were unusual as they had bronze caliper bridges
  • Horizontal aluminum radiator
  • Removable front and rear body sections
  • GT-40 exhaust snorkles
All Photos courtesy of Richard Dagiel / Copyright 2002-4 Richard Dagiel (except where noted).

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