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Lotus 30 and 40 Scale Models

Over the years, many model cars have been made of the Lotus 30 and 40. They were extremely popular as slot cars, and still seem to have a large following. A recent search on turned up over a dozen model and slot cars for sale.

From the days in ’66 when Ford Motor Co. was using this car as a showcar there was a 1:24th scale model (plastic) Willment 30/40 made. John Markey showed Dick Keyes his model and it has all of the unique vents and ducts of this particular car. No manufacturers name is cast into it however.


1:32nd scale models Hawk Kit #02, #644, and #10625 (not shown)



In 1995, SMTS (Scale Model Technical Services) Brunel Road, Hastings, Sussex
TN38 9 RT UK released a 1:43 scale model in resin of the Willment
Team Lotus 30 with racing car No. 16. This was Brian Muir’s car
number driven at Mallory Park in 1966.


Pictured above: SMTS cars RL34 1964 Lotus 30 – Jim Clark paint
scheme, RL46 1964 Lotus 30 S2, and RL35 1965 Lotus 40 – Jim Clark
paint scheme. The RL46 kit also comes with a decal set to prepare
the car as the “Race Proved by Willment” Team Lotus
30 – the same car that eventually became the Pink Stamps Special
Lotus 30.

Other Lotus 30 and 40 Models –

Carrera made a Lotus 30 slot car that appears to be
the Willment Lotus 30 in that it has the distinctive front brake
air scoops and the chopped tail, but the car is painted green.

Tamiya made a 1:24th scale (#G7) and 1:32nd scale (#AA002).
These are very early Tamiya releases and the quality is not quite
what one expects from current Tamiya models. Also is the very
rare Tamiya-Mokei slot kit (ref#2408-350).

Tamiya also made was a ‘Mini Racer’ Lotus 30 that was a special edition in limited numbers.

Strombecker made a 1:24th scale model of the Lotus
30 that looks to be well detailed (Kit Ref #8512-795). They also
made a 1:32nd scale slot car.

Cox is said to have made a fantastic slot car renditions
of the Lotus 30 and 40 – Lotus 30/40 Kit:775000 . The Lotus 40
was 1:24th scale and it came fully assembled.

GAMA 1:40th scale die-cast model (ref. #9603), which is oddly (amusingly?) referred to as a Ford GT 40 on the box art.

K&B also has a Lotus 30 slot car.

Stabo made a 1:24th scale Lotus 40 slot in 1965.

Eurcha made a 1:24th scale transparent Lotus 30 slot
car body for it’s Petite GP line.

Fleischmann made a Ford Lotus (40) slot that runs on Scalextric/Carrera tracks (1:24). I have seen one that was blue and one that was orange. I’m not sure if there were factory colours.

Russkit made a ‘Carrera Sidewinder Series 1/24th’ scale slot that came with a transparent body and a 6 volt motor. The kit has a very nice display box with a photo of the finished car in Team Lotus colours sitting on a nicely detail slot car track. It looks like the original retail price was $8.00.

Pactra made a ‘1/24th scale Competition Scratch-Build Kit’ Lotus 30 with a body colour that is a beautiful metallic green. It is interesting to note that the box shows a drawing of two race cars on a track – but neither car is a Lotus!

The Russkit and Pactra are both highly desireable – recent
models in mint condition in boxes both went for over US$200 on

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