Foyt’s 40/L/3 in Color

AJ Foyt’s Lotus 40 has long been missing. It had an amazing paint blue paint job, certainly one of the most beautiful paint jobs on a race car for the day. It looked more like hot rod than a race car… Most of the photos I see online are B&W, so they don’t show how pretty the car was.

Frank Herrera sent this photo of Foyt’s Lotus 40 at the Nassau Speed Week. Frank took this photo in his youth, with a borrowed Leica from a friend. His friend processed and kept the film, so all Frank has now is a prized 3 1/2″ x 5″ print. Little did Frank know at the time he took this photo that he would become a professional photographer.

You can check out more of Frank’s photography at

Photograph Credit: Copyright © 2019 Frank Herrera. All Rights Reserved.

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