Pink Stamps Racing Lotus 30 Restoration Notes

The following paint colors on the Pink Stamps Racing Lotus 30 were determined by systematically scratching through the many layers.

1 RedThe Base Glass was originally painted red. This is consistent with the colors for the ‘Race Proven by Willment’ Team. The car is believed to have been red from 1965 to at least 1967, perhaps as late as 1969.
2GreyPossibly primer?
3WhiteThe car was raced in 1969 with a light-colored paint. Possibly this layer.
4GreyPrimer again?
5PinkThis paint is from the Pink Stamps Racing color scheme that first raced on May 30, 1970, and was used until sometime in 1971.
6GreyPossibly primer?
7GreyPerhaps this layer is actually the pale blue paint that is mentioned below.
8OrangeIt is believed that the car first raced with an orange paint scheme on Sept. 11, 1971. When the car arrived in the US in the mid-70’s it still retained the tattered remnants of an orange and white color scheme.

Note – Bob Dove, the mechanic on this car from the end of 1970 until 1973, says that at one point the car was also “pale blue and an orangy yellow sprayed because we thought a sherry firm was going to give us some money.”

Numbers after color refer to Pantone® colors of similar tone.

Notes taken by John Strange, circa 1979.

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