Publications Relating to Lotus 30 and 40 Sports Racing Cars

Here’s a very incomplete list of the publications that we know of that cover these cars.

Tipler, John, Lotus Race Books:1948-1968, Gloucestershire, England, Sutton Publishing Limited, 2000 – A really great book covering the first 20 years of Lotus history through its racing cars. About 2 pages of text covering the Lotus 30 and 40, with 5 half page photos, including two of the Pink Stamps Racing Lotus 30/40 while it was with the Willment Team. A highly recommended book!

Lotus 30 and 40 Articles

Article Title Publication Title Author Year Published  Month  Day  Pages Car Type: Summary Notes
Lotus 30 – New 200 mph Lotus Mk 30 Car and Driver  NA 1964  Apr 76-77 30 Article, Cut-away drawing, car photo
About the Sport Road & Track Crow 1964  Jul  53 30 Article about the first race appearance of Lotus 30.
1965 LA Times Grand Prix Road & Track NA 1966  Feb 89-90 30, 40 1965 LA Times Grand Prix Race Results, photo of Clark in Lotus 40.
Lotus 40 model Road & Track Phipps 1968 Sep  14 40 Lotus 40 model – Gama #9603
Lotus 30 Road & Track  NA 1964  Apr 44-5 30 Lotus 30 article, Halton Cutaway drawing from ‘The Motor’.
Race Car Show Road & Track  NA 1964  Apr 57 30 Rear Photo of Lotus 30 at London Race Car show.
The Lotus 30 – 4.7 litre rear-engined backbone Motoring News NA 1964 Jan 22 40-42 30 Origin of Hatton drawing, article with several diagrams
London Racing Car Show 1964 Road & Track NA 1964  May 51 30 2 photos of Ian Walker Car in 1964 London Racing Car Show.
Road & Track  NA 1965 Apr 43 30 S2 Lotus 30 minus body on display at 1965 London Racing Car Show.
Car and Driver  NA 1967 Jul 88  30 Photo of Clark in 30 S1 (#1) being compared to Astro I concept car.
1964 London Racing Car Show Sports Car Graphic NA 1964  Apr 50 Article on 1964 London Racing Car Show (?)
Short Article  NA 1965 Feb 86  30
Sports Car Graphic  NA 1965 Apr  48-9 30 S2 Short article with photo of Lotus 30 minus body work of rear and engine. May be 1965 London Racing Car Show.
Technical Report: Lotus 40 Blundsen 1965  Nov 55 40 2 photos of Clark in Lotus 40, at Brands Hatch Guards International
New Sports Racer from Lotus – The Type 40 Autosport McVey 1965 Aug 40 Debut of Lotus 40.
Team Lotus Offer for Sale their Lotus Forty Autosport NA 1966 Apr  29  703 40 Team Lotus Offer for Sale their Lotus Forty Works Cars from Riverside with Photo of cars in pits,Works Cars, Clark #1, Ginther #30
Lotus Type 30 Autosport NA  NA NA  30 Lotus Type 30 V-8, red, £2600
JB/Track Test #43 “JCB Lotus 30” Autosport Blundsen 1965 Oct 420-421 30 John Blundsen test drives the JCB Lotus 30. 5 photos and article. Car has yellow paint and is #15 in photos. Body modified by splitting horizontally so that the front section lifts off completely. JCB car didn’t finish Aug 30 1965 Brands race.
Tourist Trophy Autosport NA 1964 Sep 4 365-67 30 Photo of Clark in 30 (#1) behind D. Gurney in A.C. Cobra Daytona (#21). Clark Finished 12th place.
29th Tourist Trophy Road & Track Mazakius 1964 Nov 72-73  30 Photo of Clark (#1) in Lotus 30.
Piper’s Third Nine-Hours Autosport Grant 1964 Nov 6 730, 732 30 Photo of David Prophet’s Lotus 30. Prophet’s 30 ran for 6 hours straight. A new record!
Canadian Grand Prix Sports Car Graphic Grey 1964 Dec 30 Clark in 30 stalls at start of race causing a chain of collisions behind him. Clark retired after 3 laps.
West Caost Pro Season Road & Track Crow 1965 Jan 68 30 Close-up photo of Clark in 30 at Riverside.
The Automobile in Miniature Road & Track NA 1966  Mar 75, 77 30, 40 Photo of Cox 1/24th scale Lotus 30/40. Includes listing of models.
Laguna Seca Monterey Grand Prix Sports Car Graphic Biro 1965 Jan 30 Clark no show. John ‘Bat’ Masterson in 30 crashed and destroyed car. Billy Krause finished in 10th place in a Lotus 30.
Car and Driver NA 1965 Jan 56  30 Photo of Clark in Lotus 30 (#15)
Advertisement Car and Driver NA 1965 Jul 81 30 Ad – Lotus 30
Silverstone Water Follies Car and Driver NA 1965 Jun 77 30 Photo of Clark in Lotus 30 (#1) on wet track.
Sports Car Graphic NA 1964 Mar 81 30 Short Article on Lotus 30 and Team Lotus.
First Class President’s Trophy at the palace Motoring News NA 1965 Jul  8 6 30 Crystal Palace – July 3, 1965. John Dean finished 3rd in class in Lotus 30. Photo of Dean (#104) leading start.
RAC Silverstone Autosport NA 1965 Jul 16 108-109 30 RAC Silverstone, Jul 10, 1965. Bondurant disqualified for push start. Photo of Willment Lotus 30, (#19). Prophet finished 4th in his Lotus 30, Simon deLautour in Lotus 30 finished 7th, and John Dean placed 10th (not running).
Rindt’s Home Win’ Austrian GP 65 NA 1965 Aug 27 342, 357 30, 40 Photo of race start – Gardner in Willment Lotus 30 (#3) on front row. Mike Spence in Team Lotus 40 (#2?) qualifired 1st. Victor Wilson in Lotus 30 qualified 6th. Kurt Rost in Ecurie Biennoise Lotus 30 qualified 14th. Gardner inished 3rd, all other Lotus 30s or 40s did not finish.
Amon Wins Martini for McLaren Motoring News NA 1965 Jul 29 11-13 30 Trevor Taylor 5.1L Ford Lotus 30 had major fire and “was all burned out.” Dean’s Lotus 30 was a no-show, Gardner’s Lotus 30 clutch failed. David Prophet finished 5th overall. Photo of Gardner in Willment Lotus 30 (#39) with Willment Cobra (#38).
John Surtees Romps Home at Brands Motoring News NA 1965 Sep 2 7-9 30, 40 Photo of Stewart in Lola-Chevy leading Gardner in Lotus 30. Clark raced in Lotus 40, David Prophet disqualified for a push-start, Gerry Ashmore had suspension fail on his Lotus 30, Trevor Taylor retired the Bamford Lotus 30 with brake failure. Gardner’s Lotus 30’s gears siezed.
British Grand Prix Silverstone Sports Car Graphic Cahier 1965 Sep 30 Article and photos of start. Bondurant in Willment Lotus30 (#19).
Players 200 Mosport Sports Car Graphic Grey 1965 Sep 30 Clark in Lotus 30 S2, fell to last after coil wire came loose twice. He jumped out and reattached it for the first heat.
23rd Running of Santa Barbara Sports Car Graphic Shedenhelm 1965 Aug 47 30 Photo of first lap with Bob Challmans Lotus 30 Leading (#2).
U.S. Road Racing Championship Bridgehampton Sports Car Graphic Zuchert 1965 Aug 60 30 Gerri Georgi’s Lotus 30 ‘gave up 6th place’ by getting trapped in a sand bank.
A Splendid Silverstone Autosport Feast 1965 Oct 15 30 Race on 9 Oct 1965. Article and photo of Ben (B.A.) Moore in Lotus 30 (#2) being passed on inside by Rob Widdows Lotus-BRM 23. Moore finished 2nd overall.
‘Hap’ Sharp wins Times GP Motoring News Feast 1965 Nov 11 7-? 30, 40 Photo of Jim Clark in Lotus 40 (#1) before start of race. Clark finished 2nd, Tony Settember finished 12th in Lotus 30. Refers to Ritchie Ginther’s infamous quote about the Lotus 40.
Hap Sharp wins at Riverside Autosport Martin 1965 Nov 19 ?-846 30, 40 Ritchie Ginther out in Lotus 40 with broken gearbox. Clark finishes 2nd in Lotus 40 (#1), Tony Settember finished in 12th in Lotus 30.
David Piper’s Angola Gossip Autosport NA 1965 Dec 10 960 30 A Lotus 30 was thought to have a suspension failure as it went of the road at an unusual spot. (Webmaster note: Need to recheck and see who was driving.)
Autosport NA 1966 Feb 11 30, 40 Article on the 1965 racing season. Photo of the start of (the Silverstone Martini?) race with John Surtees’ Lola leading Gardner’s Willement Lotus 30. Comments on Lotus 30 and 40 cars as well as other cars in the ’65 season.
International Guards Trophy Sports Car Graphic Blundsen 1965 Nov 34 30, 40 2nd race for the Lotus 40. Clark in Lotus 40 was having problems in the unsorted car. Clark hadbrake failure and spun out of the race from 5th. Photo of Parkes Ferrari 365/P2 leading Clarks’ Lotus 40. Gardner’s Willment Lotus 30 went out with transission failure.
Silverstone Sports Car Graphic NA 1965 Jun 55 30 4 Lotus 30s in race. Photo of Clark in Lotus 30 (#1) and Surtees Lola on the very wet track.
Lotus Type 40 by Chapman Car and Driver NA 1966 Jan 42 40 Short article with photo if Clark in Lotus 40 (#8).
L.A. Times Grand Prix for Sports Cars Sports Car Graphic Christy 1966 Jan 61-62, 64 30 Photo of Clark in Lotus 40 (#1) and a close of of the rear of the car. Mentions Rick Muther’s Riverside (Willment?) Lotus 30 being involved in the first lap bash. Muther was put out shortly after the accident “sans bodywork”.
The Times Grand Prix at Riverside Car and Driver Davis, Jr. 1966 Feb 37-? 30, 40 Photo of Clark’s Lotus 40 (#1). Mentions Rick Muther in first lap accident.
Nassau: 1965 Sports Car Graphic NA 1966 Mar 66, 69 40 Photo of A.J. Foyt in Lotus 40 (#2) and of his crew changing gears. Foyt had stormed at the start but dropped out with a broken brake caliper.
Wet, Wet Guards Car and Driver NA 1966 Dec 102 Photo of race start.
’83 HSCC Classic Sportscar Championship Thoroughbred & Classic Cars Bowler 1983 May 29 30 Short article on the Historic Sports Car Club (?) racing season. The author mentions his Lotus 30.
Lotus: 30 years on – The Numbers Game Autosport NA 1982 Apr 24 30 Brief despription of Lotus 30
Lotus: 30 years on – The Numbers Game Autosport NA 1982 Apr 1 24 40 Brief despription of Lotus 40 with photo of Clark in a Lotus 40 (#8).
Pit Paddock – Brian Muir Autosport NA 1982 Jun 3 6 Brian Muir rejoins Partick Motorsport Rovers (photo of Brian).
Aintree 200 Motor Sport NA 1964 May 367 30 Photo of Clark in Ian Walker Lotus 30 (#82).
Coninental Notes Motor Sport NA 1967  Dec 1119 Article on Kalami 9hr and Paris 1000 km with JW Automotive Gulf Mirage.
RAC Lloyds & Scottish Championship Autosport NA 1980 Jul 3 131 30 Silverstone #4 – Results and photo of Alex Seldon’s Lotus 30.
The Specialists: Hoffman and Mountfort Thoroughbred & Classic Cars Wood 1980 Aug 15 7 John Willment buys Bentley Experts.
Thoroughbred & Classic Cars NA 1980  Aug  48 Photo of John Wyer and Carroll Shelby.
Nightmare Come True Thoroughbred & Classic Cars Dron 1985 Sep 70-73 Tony Dron races Brian Cocks Lotus 30 at the HSCC International Weekend at Brands Hatch. 3 large color photos with article. The car was originally the JCB Lotus 30 (30/S2/04), which was then bough by JCB driver Peter Sadler. It was also driven by Travor Taylor while with JCB. The car had the front have of the bodywork cut in half so that is was removable.
Nassau Motor Sport Dunne 1965 34-36 40 Foyt’s new paint job on his Lotus 40 is called ‘Hollywood’. It goes from light to dark blue top to bottom. Apollo astronaut Gus Grissom is a member of Foyt’s pit crew.
One Lotus 30 is Still Racing Club Lotus Newsletter NA 1980  Nov 1 30 Article and Photo
The Beautiful Miscalculation Old Motor Nye 1982 Oct 38-42 30, 40 Excellent article on the history of Lotus 30s and 40s. Several historic color photos are included in the article. Also discusses the 5-version Lotus 30 family, of which only the Lotus Europa was actually produced. Author Doug Nye also drives Alex Seldon’s Lotus 30. Seldon’s car (30/L/7) was bought from the US in 1979, raced, and then sold to Jeffery Wakelin in Wasagoin.
Lotus West ‘Stress Cracks’ NA 1978 Oct Pen and Ink drawing of Clark in Lotus 30 (#1)
Lotus West ‘Stress Cracks’ NA 1979 Mar 30 Reprint from ‘High Performance Cars, 1956-1966. Photo of Viv Wilson in Lotus 30 (#53) at Rufforth.
Advertisement for Lotus 30 Old Motor NA 1981  Oct 43 30 Advert for Seldons Lotus 30 which was already being sold by its next owner.
Advertisement Old Motor NA 1981 Oct 46 30 Advert for Mathwall Engineering with a photo of Seldon’s Lotus 30.
Car and Driver NA 1966 Dec 88 Short article on Chapman and deTomaso collaboration to make a 331 cu in V8 engine. Photo of V8 engine with a Lotus badge on the head.
Car and Driver NA 1966 Mar 90 Short article on Gurney/Weslake cylinder heads.
McLaren Offensive Road & Track Young 1969 Feb 96 McLaren talks about Gurney/Weslake engine capability.
1968 Indianapolis 500 Road & Track NA 1968 Aug Photo of Gurney/Weslake engine in Indy Eagle.

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