Michael Maule – Acrylic Painting, Pink Stamps at Crystal Palace


Acrylic Painting by Michael Maule. Motoring News and GT Championship Race. Crystal Palace, Sept. 11, 1970. Photograph by Richard Keyes, Aug. 7, 1986.

Acrylic on canvas painting (approx. 18″ x 24″). Michael painted the Pink Stamps Lotus 30 to commemorate the last race held at the historic Crystal Palace Park race track in South London.

John Markey drove to second place overall in the wet Motoring News GT Championship Race of Sept. 11, 1970. This painting was hanging the the foyer of John Markey’s house in Liphook, Hampshire, England.

(We apologize to Mr. Maule for this photograph which does not allow the beauty of Mr. Maule’s artistry to show.)

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