Pink Stamps Special Lotus 30/40 and other Lotus 30s or 40s through the years

Race-Proved by Willment

From 1965 and ’66 of this Lotus 30/40 was raced by the Willment team.

Willment Years – Photo show Brian Muir, Frank Gardner, Bob Bondurant, and Willment Team manager Jeff Uren. 10 photos.

Pink Stamps Years

Photos of the Pink Stamp Special while it was racing in

In and About – Photos from trackside and in the pits. 9 photos.

On Track – Photos of the car in action! 5 photos.

Restoration Photos –

Photos of the Pink Stamp Special since it arrived in Portland, OR USA 1978 to 1990.

November 1978 – The car arrives in Portland. 8 photos.

May-June 1979 – Disassembling the car.

October 1979 – Steam Cleaning the chassis.

June 1983 – The ex-Alan Mann Ford GT-40 Ford 302 engine is out with new carbs. 7 photos.

March-May 1989 – In the body shop.

Spring 1990 – Rolling the car out of the body shop. 8 photos.

Photos from British Field Meets and more.  

2002 Portland Historic Races

2002 Portland Historic Races Preparation– Photos from the many hours of putting the The Pink Stamps Special together for the Historic Races. 61 photos.

2002 Portland Historic Races – Friday The Pink Stamps Special returns to the racetrack for the first time in nearly 30 years! Kirk Keyes at the wheel. 48 photos.

2002 Portland Historic Races – Saturday/Sunday Qualifying sessions for the race. Brady Joy at the wheel. 38 photos.

Photos of Other Lotus 30s and 40s

Richard Dagiel‘s Lotus Series 1 Lotus 30- circa 1966 to ’70

Heine Lindeström has sent us some photos that his cousin Magne Sjöström took in 1967 of a Lotus 30 Coupe. The coupe is based on Lotus 30/L/16. Heine is currently working on tracking down more information on this car.

Lotus 30/L/7 shown at Retromobile 2002 car show

Lotus 30/S2/1 has been found.

Photos from the 2002 Goodwood Revival.

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