According to the article article “Will 1965 be the Year? The Development History of the Biggest Lotus”, Motor, 10 Jun. 1965, one Series 2 Lotus 30 was delivered to Team Lotus. The first two Lotus 40s appear to also have been run by Team Lotus.Ritchie Ginter’s infamous comment about the Lotus 40 being a Lotus 30 with 10 more mistakes was made at the 1965 LA Times Grand Prix at Riverside, CA, USA. It was made after driving one of the two Lotus 40s listed below.

The present whereabouts of the one of the Lotus 40s is unknown. The other Lotus 40 is presently in New Jersey, USA.

30/S2/1 has been found! Follow the link below for more information and photos.

Chassis No.
Known Owners
1965 – Team Lotus  Update! This car is currenlty for sale. See the latest photographs.
1965 – Team Lotus

early ’70s Peter Denty

1965 – Team Lotus

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