To other web sites that have photos or info about Lotus 30/40s.

Related to the Pink Stamps Special Lotus 30

1970 Interserie season results – John Markey and Pink Stamps listed under Thruxton

SMTS  – Scale Model Technical Services – hign quality Lotus 30, Lotus 30 S2, and Lotus 40 models in Built and Kit form. The Lotus 30 S2 comes with a set of decals so it can be prepared to look like the Race Proved by Willment Lotus 30.

Photos of Lotus 30s or 40s

Modena 100h Classic- Getting Ready – 4 photos of a Lotus 30 – License Nr. YEE 7

Modena 100h Classic – Parco Novi Sad – 4 more photos of License Nr. YEE 7 Lotus 30 in an autocross

Sanehiro Nazaki’s Lotus 30 on the track

Jim Clark’s Lotus 40 from the 1965 L.A. Times GP can be seen here. It now has a Chevrolet engine in it.

A.J. Foyt’s Holman & Moody Lotus 40 – conveted to a hard top!

Scale Model Cars

Dieter Jens www.scaleracing.de

The Atlas 1/24th scale Lotus 30 model

Other Info

Information on Thruxton Circuit, Andover, England

USRRC series results – Several Lotus 30s can be found over the years here

Information about Formula One drivers

Motor Racing Covers Project

Andrew Kitson – Motorsport Paintings

Other Lotus Sites of Interest

Historic Lotus Register covers from the Mark 6 to the 21

Jay Sloane’s Lotus Eleven site

Business Sites

Lotus Cars UK – factory site

Paul Matty’s Sportscars site

Frank Gardner’s Holden Performance Driving Center

Dan Gurney’s All American Racers

Peter Regna’s ATL Competition Equipment

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