Ex-Works Date: NA. Ex-Works Body Color: BRG.

1965 – Team Lotus (UK).

  • Both 40/L/1 and 40/L/2 were advertised by Team Lotus for sale at  £3750.

1965 – Dave Wolin

1968 – Peter Regna – Current Owner

It appears that this is the car that Jim Clark drove at the LA Times Grand Prix in 1965 (Ritchie Ginther seems to have been in chassis 40/L/1).

It was at this race that when Ginther was asked what the difference was between the Lotus 30 and 40. His answer was that they took the Lotus 30, made 10 more mistakes and called it the Lotus 40.

This car was sold to Dave Wolin – he bought the car from Colin Chapman for $2500 less engine. Dave installed a Chevrolet engine and says that the car was “one fo the worst cars I’ve ever driven in my life”. Dave drove the car at a rainy race at Mont Tremblant in 1968, finishing 15th against the likes of Mark Donohue, Lothar Motschenbacher, Chuck Parsons, Sam Posey, and Ludwig Heimrath.

Dave sold the car to Peter Regna in New Jersey, USA. Mr. Regna has featured the car in adverts for ATL Competition Equipment.

Known Race Schedule
Race Date
Oct. 31, 1965LA Times GP, Riverside, CA2ndJim Clark
1968Mont Tremblant, Canada15thDave Wolin

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