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Jim Malloy

Jim Malloy, a retired accountant, lives near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and has been modeling for 50 years. Jim owns a couple of Corvettes and is active in the Three Rivers Corvette Club.

Willment Lotus 30

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Before Photos

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This car is a mid-60s vintage K & B Lotus 30. Jim restored this car and says that all the running gear is original K & B and in excellent mechanical and cosmetic condition.

Jim adds that the K & B Bobcat 36D is strong for this car. The rear tires are original K & B and in good condition. The fronts are original K & B and are in poor condition but are round and will stay on the rims. The lead wires and braid are new. The windshield is a vacuform repro unit.

Jim looks to online auctions for models suitable for his works. He says “The [last] two shots are what the car looked like when I got it. Apparently somebody with some form of chemical augmentation thought it was a ’66 VW Kombi and not a Lotus 30.”

The body has been painted and detailed to represent the Willment Racing Team car that Bob Bondurant drove at Silverstone on 10 July 1965.

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