According to the article “Will 1965 be the Year? The Development History of the Biggest Lotus”, Motor, 10 Jun. 1965, this Series 1 Lotus 30 was delivered to Ian Walker Racing.

Interestingly, the scanned Lotus 30 registry sheet claims this car was sold to Duchess Auto, with an  ex-Works unknown date, body color of “Black”, Lotus Ford V8 Serial Number unspecified, and ZF 5DS20 Serial Number unspecified. Editors Note: Since Herr Schreiber has confirmed that he has chassis 30, I tend to trust the Motor article over the scanned sheet since I don’t know the source of this sheet.

Chassis No.
Known Owners
1964 – Ian Walker (replacement car) See 30/L/1.

1964 Jul 11 This car was built around the surviving parts from the crash of chassis 30/L/1. This car was never raced by Ian Walker Racing.

1965 Jan 29 – Car offered for sale in Autosport for 3100 GBP.

1965 – Kurt Rost (Switzerland) Rost raced the car in Germany and Austria and the occasional Swiss hill climb.

Date [1]http://www.racingsportscars.com/chassis/results/30__L__17.html Race No. Drivers Entrant Result
1965 Apr 11 Aspern [Sports] 33 Kurt Rost Ecurie Biennoise DNA
1965 Jul 11 Internationales Mainz-Finthen [Sports] Kurt Rost ?th
1965 Aug 22 200 mile Zeltweg 5 Kurt Rost Ecurie Biennoise DNF
1965 Aug 29 Hill Climb Ollon-Villars 186 Kurt Rost Kurt Rost DNS
1965 Oct 10 Preis von Tirol [Sports] 3 Kurt Rost ?th

1967 – Albert Pfuhl (DEU) Raced a few times by Pfuhl.

Date [2]http://www.racingsportscars.com/chassis/results/30__L__17.html Race No. Drivers Entrant Result
1967 Oct 1 Aspern [SRP] 30 Albert Pfuhl Albert Pfuhl DNA

1968 – Stored by two different owners from 1968 to the early 1980s.

1980s (early) – Heinz Schreiber (DEU) – current owner. Car under restoration.

This car was built by Ian Walker Racing around the surviving parts from Tony Hegbourne’s crash at Brands Hatch of chassis 30/L/1.  As the rest of Clark’s 1964 season was in North Ameria, Clark used Chassis 30/L/4 for Mosport and 30/L/2 for Riverside, and 30/L/17 remained in the U.K. unraced.

The car was advertised for sale in Autosport on 29 Jan 1965  for 3100 GBP. The ad listed the chassis number and included a small photo.

That same year, the car went to Kurt Rost in Switzerland. Rost raced the car in Germany, Austria, and in the occasional Swiss hill climb, all apparently without much success.

1967 brought a new owner, Albert Pfuhl, who had little success with it as well.

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