Registry – Lotus 30/L/8

Chassis No.
Known Owners
1964 – Lotus Southwest (TX, U.S.A.)

1965 Jan 31 – Homer Rader (TX, USA) SCCA Regional Corpus Christi, Started.  [12] Retreived 2015-Aug-15

1965 Feb 14 – Homer Rader (TX, USA) Green Valley CM – Winner [13] Retreived 2015-Aug-15

Leroy Melcher Jr. – ran in several Texas SCCA and CanAm races .

1966 – Bill Kirtley

Appeared in a major Hollywood movie.

Club Raced

mid-1970s – road registered

1996 – 2000 restoration

Present – Jay Embree (CA, USA) [14]


In the 1950s, decades before LeRoy Melcher became a well-known real estate tycoon and philanthropist, [ref][/ref]

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