Below is a List of chassis numbers with the original known owners. The list was adapted from the article “Will 1965 be the Year? The Development History of the Biggest Lotus”, Motor, 10 Jun. 1965.

In 2015, I received a scan of a hand-written Lotus 30 registry. I’m not sure what the source of this image is. I don’t think it’s a copy of a Lotus factory production record of these cars – I understand that the Lotus factory used to record this info on something like a 3×5″ card. I heard that years ago, the factory would let people access these cards for research purposes, but people had been stealing them, so they restricted access.

This scanned Registry not only shows owners, but engine and transmission serial numbers, body color, and ex-works date. Unfortunately, the list does not show any chassis numbers past 30/S2/6. (Clive Chapman has kindly supplied info for the remaining chassis.) It appears that this hand-written list only had enough lines on it to record this number of chassis – perhaps the back of the sheet has the rest of the information recorded on that side?

The table below tries to merge the info found in the sources above, along with details from numerous other sources.

Follow the links to learn more about the cars and their owners.

Lotus 30 Series 1

30/L/1 (Prototype)

Ex-Works – Date: 1964 Apr 13. Body Color: BRG.

1964 – Ian Walker Racing (UK).

  • First appearance of a Lotus 30 on track.
  • 1964 Apr 18 – Aintree 200, #82, Driver: Jim Clark, Entrant: Ian Walker Team Lotus, 2nd Place.

The remains of this car was rebuilt into 30/L/17.

Present – Destroyed. The remnants of this chassis are presumed to be discarded.


Ex-Works – Date: 1964 Jul 06. Body Color: BRG.

1964 – Bob Challman (CA, U.S.A.) (Listed as “B. Challman – Team Lotus” on the scanned Lotus 30 Chassis List.)

  • 1964 Oct 11 – Raced by Jim Clark at 1964 Riverside Times GP.
  • 1964 – Raced by Bill Krause (CA, U.S.A.)
  • 1964 Oct 17 – SCCA Laguna Seca Regional, Car #28, Winner
  • 1964 Oct 18 – Laguna Seca 200 Miles, Car #28, 10th (DNF) – Heat 1: 4th, Heat 2:22nd (DNF) [1]http://www.racingsportscars.com/type/archive/Lotus/30.html Retrieved 2015-Aug-15
  • 1965 – 66 Raced by Bob Challman (CA, U.S.A.)

1966 – Converted to “Cherokee Mk One” Can-Am car by Bob Challman.

  • 1966 Apr 24 – Entered by Ecurie Shirlee in the Stardust Grand Prix, Las Vegas, NV, USA

2015 – Morris Kindig. [2]Morris Kindig, personal communication with Andy Bradshaw, 2015 Jul 30.


Ex-Works – Date: pre-1964 Oct 10. Body Color: presumed BRG (in BRG when seen at 1964 Riverside GP.)

1964 – Bob Challman (CA, U.S.A.) 

  • 1964 Oct 11 – To be raced by Mike Spence at the Riverside 200 Times GP. Spence was unable to qualify the car.

1964 Oct 11 – John Masterson (CA, U.S.A.)

  • 1964 Oct 17 – SCCA Laguna Seca Regional, DNF
  • 1964 Oct 18 – Laguna Seca 200 Miles, Car #222. DNQ – Raced and crashed in a consolation race. [3]http://www.racingsportscars.com/type/archive/Lotus/30.html Retrieved 2015-Aug-15

1966 – converted into PAM Lotus 30 by Dick Guldstrand. “Driver – Dick Guldstrand, Owner – John Masterson” painted on the door of the car.

From Howard Macken:[4]My Lotus 30 – looking for more history pictures of 30/L/12 – Historical Research, in memory of David McKinney – The Autosport Forums

“I just found out about this car the other day, it was called PAM.  It is a rebodied Lotus 30, driven by Dick Guildstrand.  This photo was also shot at practice.  Shortly after I took this it went out and destroyed itself, never to be seen again.  I dont know any other details, but I have never seen another photo of this car.”

My Lotus 30 – looking for more history pictures of 30/L/12 – Historical Research, in memory of David McKinney – The Autosport Forums

Present – Missing


Ex-Works – Date: pre-1964 Nov 29. Body Color: Dark Blue.

1964 – Jack Wheeler (ON, Canada) Autosport Ltd.

  • 1964 Sep 26 – Raced by Jim Clark, 4th Canadian Grand Prix for The Pepsi- Cola Trophy, Mosport, CDN, Result: did not finish (Overheating), Grid: 5th (1:32.500)[5]http://www.racingsportscars.com/results/Mosport-1964-09-26.html

1964 Oct 10 – Craig Hill (CDN)

  • 1964 Nov 29 – Craig Hill (CDN) – SCCA Regional Marlboro [Modified][6]http://www.racingsportscars.com/type/archive/Lotus/30.html Retrieved 2015-Aug-15

mid-1960s – Craig Hill / Chip Comstock Racing (Canada). Craig supposedly sold a share of the car to Chip Comstock.

pre-2005 – Present – Lynn Ball (Canada)


Ex-Works – Date: 1964 Sep 23. Body Color: White.

1964 – J. Frank Harrison, Jr. (U.S.A.) – (Listed as “J F Harrison”) [7]http://www.themaseraticlub.com/ITOL_Harrison.html Retrieved 8/08/15.)

1964 Dec 6 – Anson Johnson (USA) Nassau Trophy Race – Car #43, 10th  place [8]http://www.racingsportscars.com/type/archive/Lotus/30.html Retrieved 2015-Aug-15

Date Unk – James E Herlinger, Palo Alto, CA

1995 – Julio Palmaz, Jr.

2001 Oct – “Bad Karma” article, Vintage Racecar

2007 – Jeff and Jacqulyn Mincheff, Portland, OR

2011 – Bob Tkacik (MA, USA)

2015 – For Sale – Car listing here. [9]http://mainelineexotics.com/team/lotus-30/ – Retrieved 2015-Sep 26

2021 – Present – Professor Wolfgang Henseler and Henning Soltau (DE)


Ex-Works – Date: 1964 Dec 18. Body Color: Black.

1964 – Lotus Southwest (TX, U.S.A.)

???? – Morris Kindig (CA, U.S.A.)

Kindig_Morris-Lotus 30-Orig

ca. 1996 – Sanehiro Nozaki (Japan). Sold in ca. 2006

Present – Missing


Ex-Works – Date: 1964 Nov 11. Body Color: Red.

1964 – Duchess Auto (Duchess Autos Inc, Lotus East Racing, Main St, Millerton, New York, USA) 

  • 1964 Dec 4 – Newton B Davis (USA), #33 Nassau Trophy Race, 42nd place, DNF
  • 1964 Dec 6 – Newton B Davis (USA), #33 Nassau Trophy Race, 52nd place, DNF [10]http://www.racingsportscars.com/type/archive/Lotus/30.html Retrieved 2015-Aug-15

1964 – Anson Johnson (USA)

  • Raced at Nassau, Bahamas, 11 Nov. 1964, and in several SCCA races.
  • After that, it has been said that the car was used for parties! Stored in race condition.

1978 – Hans Olaf Rocke (Islamorada, FL, USA)

1979 – Alex Seldon (Guildford, Surrey, UK)

Seldon updated the car to Series 2 specs with 15-inch wheels and a detachable chassis section.  Competitively raced in Historics.

This car was the focus of an article by Doug Nye in the October 1981 issue of Old Motor magazine titled “Beautiful Miscalculation.” The car was finished in red and in “gorgeous” condition.

1981 – Jeffrey Wakelin (UK)

For sale in 1981.

1981 – Unknown Owner (CA, USA)

1999 – Mike Paton (CA, USA)

2001 – Marcel Pund, Galerie Du Darnier  (FR)

2002 – On sale at Retromobile show in Paris, France. The car was in need of complete restoration at this point.

2002 Feb – 2012? – Gerard Marcy (BE)

2003 – 2005 – Restoration performed by Belgian race car specialist, former F1 driver, and Le Mans participant Bernard de Dryver.

2009 – Displayed at Retromobile show.

2009 Feb 07 Auctioned by Bonhams. [11] https://www.bonhams.com/auctions/17043/lot/138/ Estimated price: $250,000 – 360,000. The car remained unsold.

2012 Apr – 2021 – Anthony Schrauwen (BE)  Current Owner.

2020 – Car for Sale

2021 – New owner in Germany


Ex-Works – Date: 1964 Dec 30. Body Color: Light Blue.

1964 – Lotus Southwest (TX, USA) 

  • 1965 Jan 31 – Homer Rader (TX, USA) SCCA Regional Corpus Christi, Started.  [12]http://www.racingsportscars.com/type/archive/Lotus/30.html Retreived 2015-Aug-15
  • 1965 Feb 14 – Homer Rader (TX, USA) Green Valley CM – Winner [13]http://www.racingsportscars.com/type/archive/Lotus/30.html Retrieved 2015-Aug-15

1966 – Leroy Melcher Jr. – ran in several Texas SCCA and CanAm races. Melcher Photo Here 1966 – Bill Kirtley

Appeared in a major Hollywood movie.

Club Raced

mid-1970s – road registered

1996 – 2000 restoration Present – Jay Embree (CA, USA) [14]http://www.conceptcarz.com/vehicle/z13055/lotus-type-30.aspx

2017 May 5 – Listed for Sale


Ex-Works – Date: 1964 Oct 08. Body Color: Light Blue.

1964 – Ian Raby (U.K.) 

Ian Raby was a sports and racing car agent located in Brighton, U.K.

1964 – Randy Hilton / Hilton Racing (USA). Driver: Chuck Parsons Hilton Photo Here 1965 Dec 15 – Bob McLean (BC, Canada)

Bob McLean was the 1965 Canadian Sports Car Champion. McLean purchased the car from Randy Hilton Racing for $3200 for the car less engine with all spare parts owned by Hilton.

Tragedy struck as McLean died at the Sebring 12 Hours race on 1966 Mar 26 in an accident while driving the Comstock Racing GT-40. McLean was never able to race this car.  McLean Photo Here

ca. 1969 – Jake Rempel (BC, Canada) – Rempel bought the car from Randy Hilton’s widow. Jake raced for a while and then crashed it. He converted the remains into an F5000 car.  Rempel Photo Here

The remains of the Rempel Mk 1 consist of suspension parts, wheels, uprights, brakes, and steering rack.

ca. 1989 to Present – Bill Peter (WI, USA)[15]Personal communication with Bill Peter via email, 1 Jun 2016


This chassis number may not have been used. Ex-Works Date: NA. Ex-Works Body Color: NA.

Morris Kindig said to have a spare Series One chassis – perhaps that chassis was to be this car number?

Present – Missing / May Not Have Been Made.


Ex-Works – Date: 1964 Sep 27. Body Color: Super White.

1964 – David Prophet (UK) 

1964 Oct 31-  David Prophet (GB)/Brausch Niemann (ZA), Kyalami 9 Hours, Car #3 – Started [16]http://www.racingsportscars.com/type/archive/Lotus/30.html Retreived 2015-Aug-15

1964 Dec 12 –  South African Sports Car Championship Kyalami Grand Prix – DNF [17]http://www.racingsportscars.com/type/archive/Lotus/30.html Retrieved 2015-Aug-15

1965 Jan 1 – Jos van Altena (ZA) SA SCC East London, Car #30 – 2nd place (1st in Class A) [18]http://www.racingsportscars.com/type/archive/Lotus/30.html Retrieved 2015-Aug-15

1965 Jan 9 – Jos van Altena (ZA) SA SCC Killarney – DNF (Accident, fire) [19]http://www.racingsportscars.com/type/archive/Lotus/30.html Retrieved 2015-Aug-15

This chassis was replaced by 30/L/20 after it was used on a strenuous South African tour in 1964-65.

Present – The remnants of this chassis presumed to be discarded.


Ex-Works – Date: 1964 Dec 30. Body Color: BRG.

1964 – Lotus Southwest (TX, U.S.A.) 

1966-67 Robert J. Shaw (Rockford, IL, USA)

1968-71 Richard Dagiel (Medinah, IL, USA)

1971- ca. 1973 Dieter Lewis (Nashville, TN, USA)

Chuck Haynes (Manchester, MO, USA)

Robert Seiffert (Boulder, CO, USA)

John Douglas (Salt Lake City, UT, USA)

John Yasenko (Tooele, UT, USA)

George Raterink (Mead, CO, USA)

Nick Soprano (White Plains, NY, USA)

Imported into the UK by Richard Drewett

1980s – Paul Matty (UK) – restored the car and raced it competitively in UK hill climbs.

2003 – Present – Andrew Bradshaw (UK)


Ex-Works – Date: NA. Body Color: Dark Blue.

1964 – Automóvel Touring Clube de Angola (Automobile Club of Angola) 

  • 1964 – Driver – Alvaro Lopes (AGO).

Present – Missing.


Ex-Works – Date: 1964 Dec 29. Body Color: Blue.

1964 – Lotus Southwest (TX, U.S.A.) 

Date Unknown – Ray Anderson

approximately pre-1983 – David Whiteside

ca. 1986 – David Cohen (BC, Canada)???

2021 – Japan


Ex-Works Date: 1965 Jan 01. Ex-Works Body Color: BRG.

1964 – Duchess Auto (NY, U.S.A.) 

1964 – Jerry Crawford (Bow, NH, USA)[20]http://www.racingsportscars.com/chassis/archive/30-Crawford%23.htmlRaced throughout 1965.

  • At some point, this car was converted to Weber carburetors and upgraded to Series 2 specifications by Shagarian Racing. It’s believed this occurred midway through the 1965 season after the car had an accident. It was rebuilt and reengineered to have spoilers and a removable tail section. [21]http://www.bonhams.com/auctions/21906/lot/362/

1965/66 – Sold to unknown Canadian.

1989 – For Sale, June 1989 issue of Victory Lane. George Murtha, CT, USA. Said to be ex-Jerry Crawford – complete and original, in storage for 13 years.

1990s – Simon Hadfield / Gilberto Sandretto

  • Car owned by Sandretto, and raced by either Simon Hadfield or Gilberto Sandretto during this period.
  • Sandretto win at Cento Ore.
  • Hadfield wins at Macau Grand Prix.
  • 2003 – Car finishes 2nd at Goodwood Revival in the Whitsun Trophy to a Lola T70 after what was by all accounts a really excellent battle. Driven by Simon Hadfield.

2004 – For Sale – offered by Simon Hadfield

ca 2004 – Howard Redhouse

  • Win at Porto, podium at Dijon and Tour Britannia.

2014 Jun 27 – Auctioned by Bonhams at 2014 Goodwood Festival of Speed Sale. [22]http://www.bonhams.com/auctions/21906/lot/362/

Present – Unkown


Ex-Works – Date: 1965 Jan 11. Body Color: Super White.

1964 Simon de Latour (UK) 

  • de Latour raced the car a few times in 1965 with a best finish of 2nd place at Brands Hatch on 1965 Aug 07 (First in S+1.15 class). [23]http://www.racingsportscars.com/driver/archive/Simon-De%20Lautour-GB.html

1965 – John Nicholson / Farnborough Racing (GBR).

  • Note: This is not the John Nicholson that later went to found Nicholson/McLaren Engines, Ltd., the preparer of Ford Cosworth racing engines.)
  • Nicholson raced this car several times in 1966 [24]http://www.racingsportscars.com/chassis/archive/30__L__14.html
  • pre-1966 Apr 8

1967 – car for sale by David Prophet (GBR)

1967 – Göte Ingvar Johansson (SWE)

1967 Apr 30 – Photos of Lotus 30/L/16 Coupe, Ring-Knutstorp Sports Car Race

1968 – Jan Hillman (SWE)

1973 – Jan Rosberg (SWE)

1978/9 – Lasse Widenborg  (SWE)

UNK – Lasse Widenborg (SWE)

UNK – Leif Norberg (SWE)

2014 (summer) – Present – Magnus Ahlqvist (SWE) Current Owner.


Ex-Works – Date: post-1964 Jul 11, pre-1965 Jan 29. Body Color: Black.

1964 – Ian Walker (replacement car) See 30/L/1.

(NOTE: This car is listed as being sold to Duchess Auto on the scanned Lotus 30 Chassis List.)

This car was built around the surviving parts from the crash of chassis 30/L/1. It was never raced by Ian Walker Racing.

1965-Jan-29 Offered for sale in Autosport for 3100 GBP.

1965 – Kurt Rost (Switzerland)

Rost raced the car in Germany and Austria and did the occasional Swiss hill climb.

1967 – Albert Pfuhl (Germany) Raced a few times by Pfuhl.

1968 – Stored by a couple of different owners from 1968 to the early 1980s.

1980s (early) – Present – Heinz Schreiber (Germany)

Car under restoration in 2005. [25]Heinz Schreiber, personal communication, 2005


Ex-Works Date: 1964 Nov 13. Ex-Works Body Color: BRG.

1964 – B. White (UK) – “B. White” appears to be Bernard White, cousin of Vic Wilson.

It’s not known if White owned the car, or simply placed the order, similar to the entry for the Willment Team car which has the team manager “J. Uren” (Jeff Uren) listed.[26] Alan Brown, (personal communication, July 28, 2015) “I think “B White” must be Bernard White. He entered an F1 BRM for his cousin Vic Wilson in 1966 under the name Team Chamaco Collect and then ran an F3 Brabham for Ben Moore in 1967 so it all connects up.

1965 – Team Chamaco Collect, driver Vic Wilson

Bonhams believes this car was replaced with 30/S2/8. [27]https://www.bonhams.com/auctions/14261/lot/238/

Present – Missing. The remnants of this chassis presumed to be discarded.


Ex-Works Date: 1964 Dec 03. Ex-Works Body Color: Red + Yellow Stripe.

1964 – Gratz (U.S.A.) 

Present – Missing


Ex-Works Date: NA. Ex-Works Body Color: NA.

1964 – David Prophet (replacement chassis) 

  • At some point, this car was converted into a coupe.

1968 Feb – Advertisement in Autosport for ex-David Prophet Lotus 30/40 GT. £2,650.

1968 – Present – Bill Orr (VA, USA)

Purchased directly from D. Prophet [28] Bill Orr, personal communication via email, Jul. 28, 2015

  • Mr. Orr wrote, “I bought the car from David Prophet (I thought) in 1968. It came with an integrated gullwing top. It has been in my keep ever since . It needed total restoration from receipt. Restoration didn’t begin until the early the early nineties, and for the most part completed before the end of the nineties. It was converted back to roadster form. Small repairs, updates and improvements have continued until present. Sadly, it has never been raced during my ownership.”

There should be no question about this chassis. I have a photograph of the chassis plaque showing the serial number of this car.

NOTE: This chassis number is listed twice on the scanned Lotus 30 Chassis List!

The first entry lists D. Prophet (see above), and the second lists J. Fisher (see below).

30/L/20 is confirmed to be owned by Bill Orr.

Below is some information on J. Fisher.

1964 – J. Fisher (USA) Ex-Works Date: NA. Ex-Works Body Color: BRG.The following is from Motorsport, Sept. 1964 [29] http://www.motorsportmagazine.com/archive/issue/september-1964

  • “John Fisher is a car and motorcycle dealer in Portsmouth and has been sponsoring a racing team since 1954. His main driver has been Bruce Milford, who drove his Lister-Jaguar and a single-seater Lotus in numerous races. Les Leston has also driven for the team. John Fisher retired from sponsoring racing in 1960 at the same time as Bruce Halford, but this year they both decided to come out of retirement, and a Ford VS-engined Lotus 30 was ordered last winter. This car, with Chassis number 5, was promised for April but has still not arrived, so the team’s re-entry into racing looks like having a very short first season.

    “John Fisher participates in racing for pleasure but the team is sponsored by his company, of which he is Managing Director, and he feels that the publicity may well have some beneficial effect on the business.

    “The team is run as a spare-time occupation with one mechanic and Fisher acting as team manager. No assistance is received from the manufacturers and the team is contracted to 13.13. for fuel.

    “Despite the delay in receiving the Lotus the team will probably carry on racing it next season.”

Perhaps the delay that Mr. Fisher experienced was that Lotus had given his car to David Prophet?


Ex-Works – Date: 1964 Nov 20. Body Color: BRG.

1964 – Duchess Auto (NY, U.S.A.) 

Present – Missing


Ex-Works – Date: NA. Body Color: Light Blue.

1964 – “May not have been used” per Motor.

1964 – “WROTTERSLEY” per the scanned Lotus 30 Chassis List.

Possibly “Richard Wrottesley”? The Hon. Richard Wrottesley was a gentleman racer known for driving a Lister Jag in the 1960s. In 1965, he did several races in a couple of Elvas.

Present – Missing


Ex-Works – Date: NA. Body Color: Red + White Stripe.

1964 – DEVELOPMENT per Motor. “Auto Club De Angola” per the scanned Lotus 30 Chassis List.

Present – Missing

Lotus 30 Series 2


Ex-Works – Date: NA. Body Color: BRG.

1965 – Team Lotus (UK)

ca 1980-1994? – Serge Pozzoli (1915-1992)

  • Pozzoli created an auto collection named Musée du Gérier, located at Chateau Du Gerier, Buis Sur Damville, 27240, FR. His collection included 250 vintage cars in 1973 and was considered to be “the most beautiful private collection in France.”

???? – Count Zanone  

pre-2002 – 2016 – Gerard Gombert (FR)

2002-2003 – For Sale on www.CarClassic.com

In 2016 I was contacted about this listing in 2002 being fraudulent and that the website above did not have authorization to list the car for sale – Editor.

  • 2012 – Several photos of what looks to be this Lotus 30 shown in a massive car hoard that’s been called “Iedeiblog.com -The Saddest Junkyard.” It appears that some work has been done on the car between 2002 and 2012.
  • 2016 – For sale?

Present – Missing


Ex-Works – Date: 1965 Dec 18? Body Color: BRG.

1965 – John Dean (UK)

1967 – John Macdonald (HK)

Purchased from John Dean in the summer of 1967 (John tested the car at Silverstone prior to purchase). Raced by Macdonald in Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, and Japan from 1967-1968. The car was said to have “fallen apart” at Macau GP (the track was very rough.)

From Angus Lamont in 2007:

“Purchased from John Dean in the summer of 1967 (John tested the car at Silverstone prior to purchase). Raced at the Tunku Abdul Raman meeting at the Batu Tiga circuit, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 3 September 1967. Dropped a valve in practice and the welded up piston only lasted a few laps in the race. Raced the following weekend at the Johor GP at the Pasir Oudang circuit, Johor, Malaysia where it broke a front upright during practice. Teddy Yip kindly lent John a Lotus 22 for the race itself. Raced at the Macau GP on 19 November 1967 but the car suffered a radiator leak on lap 2. Used at the Motor Sports Club of Hong Kong (MSCHK) hill climb that you have already noted. It may have been used at another hill climb venue where John got FTD but I can’t confirm this. Raced at the Fuji 300 Yomiuri Asian Challenge Cup, Japan on 24 March 1968. I don’t know the result but it was a DNF. Sold in Japan to Mr. Schitzuwawa, who was an organiser of the above race. He put his own body on the car. John commented “thus replacing the only beautiful thing about it”!

“So, if Katsuomi  Shiozawa was Mr. Schitzuwawa (or one of his brothers), the confusion is solved. Hope this helps.”[30]Can-Am – Page 2 – The Nostalgia Forum – The Autosport Forums

1968 Mar 24 – Katsuomi Shiozawa (JP) [31]http://forums.autosport.com/topic/199390-span-inc-lotus-30/

Shiozawa put his own body on the car. John Macdonald commented, “thus replacing the only beautiful thing about it!” [32]Angus Lamont, Personal communication, 2011 Feb 24./

1969 – Singapore GP (Formula Libre). “very smart-looking Can Am styled car called the Del-RSC Ford was driven by a George Katsu. His real name was Katsuomi Shiozawa.”[33]Can-Am – Page 2 – The Nostalgia Forum – The Autosport Forums

Present – Missing


Ex-Works – Date: NA. Body Color: P.O. Red.

1965 – Lotus Suisse (CH)

1965 – Karl Foitek (CH) Car delivered directly to Vienna, Austria for the Preis von Wien.

  • 1965 Apr 11 – Aspern (CH), Preis von Wien, Curd-Barry-Gedenkrennen, Team: ÖASC/Squadra Foitek (CH), Results: DNF [34]href=”http://www.racingsportscars.com/driver/archive/Karl-Foitek-CH.html – suspension failure [35]http://forums.autosport.com/topic/199791-lotus-suisse-and-pius-zund/

1965 Apr 11 – Fritz Baumann

1965 –  Pius Zünd/Ecurie Filipinetti

  • 1965 Nov 28 – Car appears to have been destroyed in an accident at the VIII Grande Prémio de Angola at Circuito da Fortaleza, Luanda, Angola. The car had a suspension failure which caused the accident. [36]http://www.autodiva.fr/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=8&hilit=cegga&start=120

pre-1968 – Franco Sbarro (CH) – Unconfirmed – Converted the car into the Sbarro ACA Dominique III road-going coupe. Other sources indicate a Lola T70 MkIII was used to make this car. [37]Sbarro Dominique 3, 1968 (phcalvet.fr)

Present – Missing


Ex-Works Date: 1965 Mar 05. Body Color: Yellow.

1965 – Bamford / JCB (UK)

  • Driven by Trevor Taylor and Peter Sadler.
  • Doug Nye reports that this car was “destroyed during a testing shunt” [38]Nye, Doug “Beautiful Miscalculation.” Old Motor. October 1981: p. 41 The car was being driven by Peter Sadler when it crashed.

This car was replaced by 30/S2/9.

Present – Destroyed. The remnants of this chassis presumed to be discarded.


Ex-Works – Date: 1965 Apr 26. Body Color: P.O. Red.

1965-67? – Willment (UK) “J. Uren” per the scanned Lotus 30 Chassis List. Ex-Works Date: 1965 Apr 26. Ex-Works Body Color: P.O. Red.

1968 Mar – Advertisement in Autosport showing the Willment car for sale. “Lotus 30/40 Sports Racer Ex Jim Clark, Frank Gardner, Jack Sears” £1,495.

1969 – John Lyon, Sponsor: Everoak Helmets? [39]http://www.racingsportscars.com/chassis/30-Lyon%23.html

1970-1973 – Paul Gresham (UK) – Driver: John Markey

1978 – Richard Keyes and John Strange (USA) Purchased from car dealer Gordon Keller.

ca. 1990 – Richard Keyes (USA) – current owner.


Ex-Works – Date: 1965 Mar 13? Body Color: P.O. Red.

1965 – Dauwe (BE)

  • Probably raced by “Eldé” (Léon Dernier) or “Jean Beurlys” (Jean Blaton), both Belgian drivers.

Present – Missing


Ex-Works – Date: NA. Body Color: BRG.

1965 – Dauwe (BE) 

  • Probably raced by “Eldé” (Léon Dernier) or “Jean Beurlys” (Jean Blaton), both Belgian drivers.

???? – In Canada

1978 – David Whiteside (USA)

Purchased from car dealer Gordon Keller.

???? – Ray Anderson (U.S.A.?) ????

ca. 1986 – David Cohen (BC, Canada)????

pre-2003 – Barber Museum


Ex-Works – Date:  NA. Body Color: Dark Blue.

1965 – Span Inc. (USA)

  • Span Inc. was an imported car dealership in Madison, Wis. They handled a number of lines of cars. including Triumph and Lotus.[40]http://forums.autosport.com/topic/199390-span-inc-lotus-30/#entry7313523 However it does seem unlikely that the car would have been sold to a dealer in the USA and then remained in the UK…
  • Bonhams believes this car was a replacement for the Bernard White / Vic Wilson 30/L/18. [41]https://www.bonhams.com/auctions/14261/lot/238/

1965 – Ben Moore (GB)[42]http://www.racingsportscars.com/driver/archive/Ben-Moore-GB.html

1966 – John Berry (GB) / Thomas Motors Blackpool[43]http://www.racingsportscars.com/driver/archive/John-Berry-GB.html

1980 – For Sale – Advert in Autosport says car only raced 13 times, twice by seller.

ca. 1980 – Doug Nye, noted motorsport author. (Don’t tell his wife…)

by 2000 – Rosso Bianco Museum, Stutgart, Germany. Claimed to be the “biggest sports car museum” in the world at the time. Museum closed circa 2006.

2006 Sep 1 – Auctioned by Bonhams

Present – Owner/Location Unkown


Ex-Works – Date: NA. Body Color: Yellow.

1965 – Bamford / JCB (UK) (replacement car) See 30/S2/4. Car is said to have been “highly re-engineered” by Peter Sadler. [44]https://forums.autosport.com/topic/128601-silverstone-classic-2010/?p=4529987

  • Driver: Trevor Taylor
  • 1965 Jul 24 – was “burned out” [45]Nye, Doug, Beautiful Miscalculation, Old Motor, Oct. 1981, p. 40. during practice for the 1965 Martini Trophy at Silverstone.  
  • 1966 – Peter Sadler

1970s – Several Unknown Auto Dealers

1980 – Brian Cocks (UK)

  • The car was still in JCB/Bamford modified condition when purchased by Cocks in 1980. [46]https://forums.autosport.com/topic/128601-silverstone-classic-2010/?p=4529987
  • Offered for sale in 1981.
  • Nightmare Come True” by Tony Dron, featured this car in Thoroughbred & Classic Cars, Sept. 1985. Still owned by Cocks in 1985.  

2002? – Junro Nishida (JP)

  • Car has been restored to it’s original JC Bamford yellow paint.

2006 May 20 – Auctioned by Bonhams. Auction estimate: US$ 180,000 – 230,000.  Engine No. XE93532


ca 2015 – Present – Classic Team Lotus


Ex-Works – Date: NA. Body Color: Blue.

1965 – Dauwe (Replacement) (BE)

  • Possibly raced by “Eldé” (Léon Dernier) or “Jean Beurlys” (Jean Blaton), both Belgian drivers.

ca. 1970 – Andre Spitzer (FR)

Lotus 30 Spitzer Montlhéry oct 1970, Coupes du Salon [47]http://autodrome.over-blog.com/article-images-de-vitesse-a-montlhery-1967-1973-56742895.html Color: French Tricolor

From a post on Autodiva.com:

  • pour notre ami marcos : j’ai pris cette photo à MONTLHERY en MAI 1971;il s’agit de Andre SPITZER sur un prototype FORD 4.7L . Est-ce que MARCOS en sait plus sur ce proto;y-a t’il un rapport avec la LOTUS 30 ? [48]From autodiva.com forum
  • Translation: for our friend marcos : I took this photo to MONTLHERY in May 1971 ; this is a prototype Andre SPITZER FORD 4.7L . Do MARCOS knows more about this proto ; you are there to do with the 30 LOTUS ?

From another on Autodiva.com:

  • Bonjour C’est bien la meme Lotus 30 qui en 69/70 etait Bleu Blanc Rouge celle des freres SPITZER elle est depourvue des son toit et est engagee sous le nom:  Alan Mann Special Cordialment [49]http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:BZ77t8JJB90J:www.autodiva.fr/forum/viewtopic.php%3Ff%3D2%26t%3D484%26start%3D640+&cd=9&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us
  • Translation: Hello That’s the same Lotus 30 which was 69/70 Bleu Blanc Rouge that of brothers SPITZER is devoid of its roof and is instituted under the name: Alan Mann Special Cordialment

Lotus 40


Ex-Works Date: NA. Ex-Works Body Color: BRG.

1965 – Team Lotus (UK)

  • Both 40/L/1 and 40/L/2 were advertised by Team Lotus for sale at  £3750.

1966 – Alan Eccles (UK) – Car raced by both Alan Eccles and Gerry Ashmore.

1967 – Bob Waters (UK) not USA which you might want to clarify.

  • 1967 Nov 10 – Advertised for sale in AUTOSPORT as “ex Clark Riverside” for £1500 (equivalent to about £24,000 or $37,000 in 2015).
  • Car converted to F5000 car called the “Conchord” by Bob Waters.

1984 – Peter Denty (UK). Restored over the course of 8 years.

  • “Forgotten Forty,” Mick Walsh, Classic and Sportscar, July 1992.
  • 1992 – Oldtimer GP at Nürburgring, Driver: Rick Hall, Result: 1st place in class. [50]http://www.motorsportmagazine.com/archive/article/february-1998/11/rick-hall
  • 1996 – Advertised by Peter Denty after complete restoration for £125,000 (approximately equivalent to £210,000 or $325,000 in 2015).

Andy Bradshaw wrote:[51]My Lotus 30 – looking for more history pictures of 30/L/12 – Historical Research, in memory of David McKinney – The Autosport Forums

No, he assures me it came with a lot of bits inc the 40  chassis he collected it all from mallory park from the mechanic who was told to clear it all out he was with a customer racing a formula junior. didn’t ask the year he has been great as he has a soft spot for 30/40s we have spent a couple of hours on the phone this week LOL.

My Lotus 30 – looking for more history pictures of 30/L/12 – Historical Research, in memory of David McKinney – The Autosport Forums

1997 – Present – Franz Stahlmann [52]http://www.hockenheim-historic.de/en/news/jim-clark-exhibition-lotus-40

  • The car was displayed at Hockenheim, Germany, for the Jim Clark Exhibition. [53]http://www.hockenheim-historic.de/bildergalerie/2014/Veranstaltung-2014/Jim-Clark-Ausstellung


Ex-Works Date: NA. Ex-Works Body Color: BRG.

1965 – Team Lotus (UK).

  • Both 40/L/1 and 40/L/2 were advertised by Team Lotus for sale at  £3750.

1965 – Dave Wolin

1968 – Peter Regna – Current Owner


Ex-Works Date: NA. Ex-Works Body Color: White.

1965 – Lotus Southwest (U.S.A.)

1965 – AJ Foyt

ca 1965 – Holman and Moody?

1966 0r 1967 – A photo of this car has recently been submitted showing this car racing at a Houston, TX, SCCCA race. Editor – 2021-02-06

July 4, 1966, Galveston’s Scholes Field – Competition Press & Autoweek

“…Jack Saunders took the win in the preliminary, driving A. J. Foyt’s Lotus 40 with A. J. doing the pit work…”

Does anybody know the exact specification of the Lotus 40 please? – The Nostalgia Forum – The Autosport Forums

Present – Missing

Cars with Partial Histories

Retro Track and Air – Chassis Number Unkown

mid/late 1970s – Rob Thurman, (Dartford, Kent, UK). Bob Dove, the mechanic with the Pink Stamps Lotus 30, was hired to look at a Lotus 30 purchased from a Portuguese (Spanish perhaps) driving school by an American oilman, Rob Thurman. The car was painted blue and had a coupe top on it and was missing both engine and gearbox. Bob recollects the car was stored in Primrose Hill, London, UK. [54]I have been asked to help in searching for history on this Lotus 30 – Historical Research, in memory of David McKinney – The Autosport Forums

  • This car may have come from the Auto Club de Angola. Dissatisfied with their 30, it was returned to the Lotus factory and exchanged for a Lotus 23. The story then goes that the dumped 30 was sold to a Spanish driving school.

mid-1980s – Curtis Jacksons (Oxford, GA, USA)

1994 Dec / 1995 Jan – Scroggin (USA)

???? – Adrian Rose (TX, USA)

???? – Farrell Preston (FL,USA)

2000/2001 – Preston Hayes (MO, USA) Possibly associated with Wirewheels, FL, USA

2002 – Jeff Moore (The Automobile Archeologist) (MO, USA)

2006 – Retro Track and Air  / Matthew Watts (GB)

  • ca. 2010 – Matthew Watts (GB)

Chassis Number Unknown

2015 – Morris Kindig – One Series 1 frame and various parts, believed to be from Texas via Missouri. Purported to have been imported by Lotus Southwest and sold as 30/L/6. [55]Morris Kindig, personal communication with Andrew Bradshaw, 2015 Jul 30.

Chassis Number Unknown

1964 Dec 6 – David L. Morgan (OK, USA) Nassau Trophy Race, Car #39, DNA?

Chassis Number Unknown

I sent this message last night but it apparently didn’t go through (AOL strikes again?). I am researching a Lotus 30 a friend of mine owns. It was found in a dumpster (!) in 1988. It appears to be one of two cars that were wrecked in California circa 1964/65. One was owned by John “Bat” Masterson and was wrecked at Laguna SEca in 1964. The engine/box and a few parts were used to make the PAM Grp.7 car, but I don’t know what happened to the rest. More likely it is the Lotus “40” (not really) that AJ Foyt was to race at the Times GP at Riverside in 1965, but which was wrecked by Bob Tattersall (a friend of AJ) in practice. This car is a 30 but it has been converted to bigger brakes and bolt-on wheels (probably 15″) like a 40, and may have been mis-identified as such. It has the narrow roll bar like an early 30. Supposedly, the engine/box were removed from the wreck and sent to Nassau, where they were used in another 40 that AJ drove there (slow learner). Does anyone have any photos/info/leads on either of these cars? Thanks, Harold Pace Lotus 30/40 info needed (team.net)

Thanks to everyone who responded to my post looking for Lotus 30 info. I think I have identified my friends Lotus 30 as the one bught by new by J. Frank Harrison and modified by Jerry Eisert. Mr. Eisert was kind enough to help me out and I think it’s the same car. If anyone remembers seeing a white Lotus 30 on the track (SCCA events) in the Alabama/Tenn. area or on the street (!) or in a garage in the California area, please let me know. Thanks, Harold Pace Mallock U2

Dear Harold; I remember seeing a Lotus 30 race at Stuttgart, Arkansas in 1965 or 1966. I think it was white and I may have a picture of the car some place. Please let me know if this is of any help. Bill Alexander PS Did someone contact you regarding a Lotus 30 body for sale? [56]http://www.team.net/html/vintage-race/1998-08/msg00220.html

Chassis Number Unknown

1965 – Mason O’Keiff (USA)[57]http://www.racingsportscars.com/chassis/archive/30-OKeiff%23.html

Chassis Number Unknown

Cynic2 – This Lotus 30 was raced by Bob Fertl (I believe that was his name — memory is dangerous at this age) from Houston, who stepped up from a Bugeye Sprite.
This is from an SCCA National at Galveston, Texas in July 1968:

Chassis NumberUnknown

 Autoweek – July 27, 1981:
“Lotus 30. 298 (sic) Race Ford. ZF 5-speed. Spare engine, body parts, needs restored $11,500. Chuck Haines, Manchester, Missouri.”
St. Louis Residence – Page 349 : AT&T Real Yellow Pages – St …
Charles R HAINES. 825 WHEELWRIGHT DR 63021. St. Louis , MO. (636)227-3959 … 5949 LOTUS AVE 63112. St. Louis , MO. (314)382-1292. Dorothy HAINES …
I left the “Lotus Ave” address in because, well…Chuck runs Can Am Classics in St Louis.

Chassis Number Unknown

 2016 – for sale?


Chassis NumberUnknown

White S2 – CM #26

JB Miltonian –  Sports Car Graphic (Nov 1965) says that John Everly in a Lotus 30 qualified 10th for the USRRC event at Continental Divide, but the driver and the car are not listed in the results, either in SCG or in Competition Press.
Looking through the ads in the next few issues of CP, I find the following in the November 20, 1965 issue:
“Lotus 30 – brought up to Series 2 specifications, 289 Ford engine with Webers and roller camshaft, spare wheels, tires, and suspension pieces……$10,000,…..John Everly, Winfield, Kansas.”

RShaw, on Feb 14 2011, 22:13, said:

No earthly idea whether this is your car, but #26 bears a considerable resemblance, and this photo is from the same general geographical area, Continental Divide Raceway south of Denver. Photo below was taken 15 August, 1965.
My photo above was taken during the race, unless you don’t count the pace lap, which I’m sure that was. The #26 Lotus did make it past the green flag however, as the photos below will show. I, too, poked around the USRRC sites and found zilch regarding the #26 Lotus, and am glad that one of our folks had the resources and desire to pull out an old SCG, and solve the identity problem. Thank you, JB.
Ron Shaw

grimeheel –
According to the The Denver Post (Aug 15, 1965) this Lotus 30 (#26) was raced by John Everly of Wichita, Kansas. He posted a qualifying time of 2:05. I searched Competition Press for most of 1965 and could find no other races Everly did with the Lotus 30.
I also found an ad he placed in the November 20 issue of Comp. Press offering the car for sale: “Lotus 30 – brought up to Series 2 specifications, 289 Ford with Webers, roller camshaft, spare wheels, tires, suspension pieces, tandem axle trailer, $10,000 will accept trade. John Everly, Box 964, Winfield, Kansas 67156 CA1-4718”.

Chassis Number Unknown

southcycle, on Feb 14 2011, 17:58, said:

Hi All,
If I’m doing this right I have 3 pictures of my Lotus 30. Any help identifying the car is greatly appreciated. I bought the car in Kansas City in January. The previous owner had it stored for 25-30 years. He had no history on the car or previous owner. On the left door is a hand painted “cm” class designation that may be one of few identifiers. The scoops on the rear fenders may also be different enough to help. I am happy to take pictures of any parts of the car that might help.
<a target=’_blank’ href=’http://imageshack.com/f/7d1001236mj’><img src=’http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/150x100q90/265/1001236m.jpg’ border=’0′></a>
<a target=’_blank’ href=’http://imageshack.com/f/0d1001234cj’><img src=’http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/150x100q90/13/1001234c.jpg’ border=’0′></a>
<a target=’_blank’ href=’http://imageshack.com/f/0l1001235sj’><img src=’http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/150x100q90/21/1001235s.jpg’ border=’0′></a>

Chassis Number Unknown


My friend the late Norm Martin from Lakewood owned a green Lotus 30 briefly; he was wheeling and dealing in old vintage race cars in the 1980s. I also recall George Raterink, who owned a Tojeiro (among other cars) and ran the now-abandoned road course at Mead, along I-25 north of Denver. Don’t know where he is now, but he was well known in vintage-racing circles. My friend Bob Seiffert is still around, living near Boulder, so I supplied andybrad with his contact info.  Wasn’t “Gains” in Missouri another vintage-race car dealer? Robert Shaw may have been a guy I met 20 years ago on the Colorado Grand. He was a friend of Bob Sutherland’s and drove an Omega/Intermeccanica. Bob Seiffert may know him. I only laid eyes on this car once or twice, but obviously it impressed me!


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“Will 1965 be the Year? The Development History of the Biggest Lotus”, Motor, 10 Jun. 1965.

Scanned Chassis List, Clive Chapman, email to Andrew Bradshaw, 7/15/2015

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