According to the article article “Will 1965 be the Year? The Development History of the Biggest Lotus”, Motor, 10 Jun. 1965, three Series 1 Lotus 30s were delivered to Duchess Auto.

Duchess Auto was a Chevrolet dealer,  on Main St in Millerton, New York, USA. They had been importing and racing Lotus cars since 1960. [1]Varani, Franco. “Lotus 30-L-7”, 7-04-12. Duchess Auto would commonly become known as “Lotus East”[2]https://www.bonhams.com/auctions/21906/lot/362/ and could be found listed as “Lotus East Racing” on race entry forms.

From a news release published in 1964 (?).

Lotus/East App’t New Distrtributor (sic)

MILLERTON, N>Y> – Dutchess Auto Company, importer o Lotus automobiles since 1960, announced Aug. 25 the formal appointment of Lotus/East Salisbury, Conn., as exclusive eastern distributor for the cars and products produced by Colin Chapman.

The new firm, headed by well known competition driver Newton B. Davis, will be responsible for the continual market development in 19 eastern states for the Lotus Eland and Seven. A network of 20 dealers currently in operation for sales and service of Lotus on the east coast will be expanded to 30.

Lotus/East and Dutchess Auto jointly occupy service, parts and warehouse facilities with a staff of 52 employees. Another successful racing driver, Peter Pulver is vice president of the new firm.

Duchess Auto published the following ad:

LOTUS RACE CARS, PHASE 2 BRM Elans, Formula 2 or 3, sports/racing, 23B, 30, 40, Elites, new and used. Complete spares for street or track. Pete Pulver, Lotus/East, Inc., Dutchess Auto. Main St. and Elm Ave., Millerton, N.Y.; (914) 789-4422.

Davis bought Lotus/East in 1964 and sold Lotus race until he sold his interest in the business in 1977. Davis died Sunday, 8 May 1994.

The following chassis are believed to have been delivered for sale to Duchess Auto.

Chassis No.
Known Owners
1964 – Duchess Auto (U.S.A.), ex-factory 11 Nov 1964
1965 – Duchess Auto (U.S.A.), ex-factory 01 Jan 1965
1964 – Duchess Auto (U.S.A.), ex-factory 20 Nov 1964

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