Lotus 30/40 Registry – Long Form

Please help us locate all the Lotus 30s and 40s.

Use the following form to send us some information about your Lotus 30 or 40. Even if you don’t own one, but you know of one that we don’t have in our registry, let us know about it and we’ll try to contact the owner for more information.

We realize there are a lot of options to fill in, but just enter that amount of information that you like – but more is always better!

You can use the submit button at the bottom of the form to email it, or you may print this form out and mail it to:

Kirk Keyes

7521 SE Woodstock Blvd.

Portland, OR 97206 USA

Specific personal street address and contact information will not be made public.


General Information

 Current Owner:
 Car Location or Owner Address*:* Street Address will remain confidential.
 Owner E-mail Address*:* E-mail will remain confidential if desired. Release E-mail Address? Yes No
 Are you the owner of this car?

If not, please enter your name, e-mail address, and where you saw the car.

Yes No
Chassis Number:
 Engine Type:
 Engine Serial Number:
 Current Condition of Car:


Purchase Date:
 Restoration Date:
Previous Owners/ Teams:
 Recent Competition History:
 FIA Papers:  Yes No
 Issued by:
 Registration Number:


 Current Colour:
 Original Colour:
 Exterior Finish Quality:
 Body Condition:
 Subframe Condition:
 Accident Damage:
 Body Modifications:


 Gauges: Tachometer: Original Replaced
 Speedometer:  Original Replaced
 Fuel Gauge:  Original Replaced
 Amp Meter:  Original Replaced
 Oil Temp:  Original Replaced
 Oil Pressure:  Original Replaced
 Water Temp: Original Replaced
Other Gauges:
 Steering Wheel: Original Replaced
 Roll Cage:
 Fire Fighting System: Yes No


 Battery Location:
 Battery Voltage:
 Ground:  Positive Negative
 External Kill Switch:  Yes No



Enter Other Displacement Information Here:

Original Heads:  Yes No
Bore and Stroke
 Dynamometer Tested?Power:


 Yes No bhp @ rpm

bhp @ rpm

Engine Serviced by:
 Other Engine Information:

Fuel System


Enter Other Carburation Information Here:

 Ignition System:
 Fuel Tank:
Fuel Capacity:


Final Drive: 1st  


 Suspension Information  
 Brake Disc Diameter:  Front: Rear:

Wheels and Tyres

 Wheel Size/Diameter:  Front: Rear:
 Wheel Width: Front: Rear:
 Wheel Type:
 Tyre Size: Front: Rear:
 Tyre Manufacturer:


 Original Windscreen: Yes No

Exhaust System

 Silencer:  Yes No


 Please Add Any Additional Comments Here:  

Submit Form:  

Thanks for making it all the way down here – You’re input is appreciated!

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