Image Gallery – 2002 Goodwood Revival

Two Lotus 30s raced in the Whitsun Trophy Race at the Goodwood Revival meet on Sunday, 8 Sept. 2002. The race appears to have been schedules for18 laps, but race results show on 10 laps.

The car pictured above, entry No. 21, is a 1964 Lotus 30 1964, with a displacement of 4727cc. The car was entered by Classic Team Lotus and was raced by Thoroughbred Grand Prix driver Junro Nishida. It qualified 16th on the grid of 19 cars, finishing 12th out of 19 cars.

Junro’s 30, resplendent in JCB yellow, was the latest latest addition to his’s collection. It was shipped especially to compete at Goodwood — the track at which this car was driven with Jim Clark at the wheel. According to Classic Team Lotus, “Bob [Dance, former chief mechanic for the Team Lotus F1 team] recalled a lot about the type 30 in its day. Most importantly he had avoided getting involved with most of the numerous dramas surrounding its original racing career. Promptly fate conspired to produce a serious gearbox oil leak that signalled the type 30 finally ensnaring Bob after so many years. Junro went well in a race that clearly he enjoyed very much. The car looked a real handful and the noise of it was quite intimidating.”

A second Lotus 30 was entered by Gilgerto Sandretto and driven by Simon Hadfield. This car was No. 22. Hadfield finished 2nd in the race.

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Photos courtesy of David Beard – ©2003 David Beard

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