NOTE: This chassis number is listed twice on the scanned Lotus 30 Chassis List!

The first entry lists D. Prophet, second lists J. Fisher. 30/L/20 is confirmed to be owned by Bill Orr.

Chassis No.
Known Owners

1964 David Prophet (replacement chassis)


1968 Bill Orr (USA)

Ex-Works Date: NA. Ex-Works Body Color: NA.

1964 – David Prophet (replacement chassis) 

  • At some point, this car was converted into a coupe.

1968 Feb – Advertisement in Autosport for ex-David Prophet Lotus 30/40 GT. £2,650.

1968 – Present – Bill Orr (VA, USA)

Purchased directly from D. Prophet [30]

  • Mr. Orr wrote, “I bought the car from David Prophet (I thought) in 1968. It came with an integrated gullwing top. It has been in my keep ever since . It needed total restoration from receipt. Restoration didn’t begin until the early the early nineties, and for the most part completed before the end of the nineties. It was converted back to roadster form. Small repairs, updates and improvements have continued until present. Sadly, it has never been raced during my ownership.”

Chassis No. Known Owners
30/L/20 (Entry #2)1964 J. Fisher (USA)

1964 – J. Fisher (USA) Ex-Works Date: NA. Ex-Works Body Color: BRG.The following is from Motorsport, Sept. 1964 [31]

  • “John Fisher is a car and motorcycle dealer in Portsmouth and has been sponsoring a racing team since 1954. His main driver has been Bruce Milford, who drove his Lister-Jaguar and a singleseater Lotus in numerous races. Les Leston has also driven for the team. John Fisher retired from sponsoring racing in 1960 at the same time as Bruce Halford, but this year they both decided to come out of retirement, and a Ford VS-engined Lotus 30 was ordered last winter. This car, with Chassis number 5, was promised for April but has still not arrived, so the team’s re-entry into racing looks like having a very short first season.

    “John Fisher participates in racing for pleasure but the team is sponsored by his company, of which he is Managing Director, and he feels that the publicity may well have some beneficial effect on the business.

    “The team is run as a spare-time occupation with one mechanic and Fisher acting as team manager. No assistance is received from the manufacturers and the team is contracted to 13.13. for fuel.

    “Despite the delay in receiving the Lotus the team will probably carry on racing it next season.”

Perhaps the delay that Mr. Fisher experienced was that Lotus had given his car to David Prophet?

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