Trackside with Craig Hill’s Lotus 30/L/4.

According to the article “Will 1965 be the Year? The Development History of the Biggest Lotus”, published in Motor, 10 Jun. 1965, the original known owner of this car is believed to be a J. Wheeler. This appears to actually be referring to Jack Wheeler of Clarkson, Ontario, Canada. Wheeler’s Autosport Ltd. was the authorized Lotus distributor in Eastern Canada at the time. He had this Lotus 30 on display in his shop along with several other racing Lotuses.

Last Known Owner
1964 – Jack Wheeler (ON, Canada) Autosport Ltd.

1964 Sep 26 – Raced by Jim Clark, 4th Canadian Grand Prix for The Pepsi- Cola Trophy, Mosport, CDN, Result: did not finish (Overheating), Grid: 5th (1:32.500)[1]http://www.racingsportscars.com/results/Mosport-1964-09-26.html

1964 Oct 10 – Craig Hill (CDN)

1964 Nov 29 – Craig Hill (CDN) – SCCA Regional Marlboro [Modified][2]http://www.racingsportscars.com/type/archive/Lotus/30.html Retreived 2015-Aug-15

mid-1960s – Craig Hill (Canada) / Chip Comstock Racing????

pre-2005 – Lynn Ball (Canada), Current Owner

According to Ken Graham, reader of thegarageblog.com, the car was ordered by Competition Motors of London, Ontario, Canada through Autosport in Cooksville, Ontario, Canada. [3]Gordon Lowe, personal communication, 2003 Aug 13 This is the car that Jim Clark drove at Mosport in the Canadian Grand Prix on 26 Sep 1964.

Ken continues that Craig received the car two weeks after the Mosport race, but the car sat for two years because of financial issues and at that point, Craig is said to have sold the car (apparently to Chip Comstock?) and he and the new owner raced the car on 29 Nov 1964 at the SCCA Regional at Marlboro Motor Raceway at Upper Marlboro, Maryland, USA [4]http://www.racingsportscars.com/type/archive/Lotus/30.html Retreived 2015-Aug-15 where Graham says that Craig “got bunted off the track. [5]http://thegarageblog.com/garage/memories-craig-hill-in-lotus-30/

John Wright, a historian, wrote on www.wheels.ca that Craig became was with Chip Comstock who started up Competition Motors.  Comstock Racing was the designated factory team for Ford’s participation in the Canadian Motorsport events of road racing and rallying[6] http://www.lotus-cortina.com/photos/comstock/goldsackb.htm

John said,

“Later on, Chip convinced some London business men who were also gearheads to collaborate in the purchase of one of the first Lotus 30s. The reasoning was the Can Am was coming and one could make a lot of money with one of the products of Colin Chapman’s fertile mind. Ha! Craig told me that the car scared him. They were testing at Harewood and the steering rack came loose. They found it had only been tack welded in place!” [7]http://www.wheels.ca/news/canadian-driving-champion-craig-hill-dies/

Craig repaired the car after the Marlboro race and in several races more races — entering but not racing, in 5 Jun 1965 Mosport Player’s 200, winning at Harewood Acres on 13 Aug 1966, and starting again at Harewood Acres on 6 May 1967.

Editors Note: As once can see, there is a little confusion over the timing of the ownership of the car.

Lynn Ball of Ontario, Canada, was the owner of this car in 2003. Lynn bought the car on 1998 Jun 08 from Steve Healey(?) if London, Ontario, CDN.

Jim Clark at Mosport in what is believed to be this car. Clark was said to have only driven the car in qualifying as he was trying to qualify the car for someone else. Clark is intensely observing the mechanic who is topping up the front brake cylinder reservoir. Colin Chapman can be see with his back to the camera as well. Also note that the car is carrying the regulation “spare tire”!

Note the gentleman in the dark-framed glasses standing behind the car is said to be the owner of the car. [8]Lynn Ball, personal communication, 2003 Jun 06.

At some time later in the 1960’s, again with the gentleman with the dark-framed glasses. The bonnet is off the car, and it looks that there is some sort of fairing that is sticking up from the spare tire area.
As it was when purchased by Lynn Ball.
The car in 2004 as it is being restored.
 OTT1123-garage 30/L/4 in 2003 as it is being restored.

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