The Willment – Pink Stamps Special Lotus 30 was given several nicknames during its racing career.

It was known as:

Pink Eye – At the 1965 Austrian GP for sports cars, Frank Gardner finished in third place, after running in second and then to have the cars’ frame break in half three laps from the finish. Despite the car being painted in Team Willment red, the nickname “Pink Eye” was given affectionately given to the car since Frank found it hard to look anyone straight in the eye for a week after being subjected to the vibrations that were induced in the car from the broken frame.

Pink Peril – Called the Pink Peril by the newspaper after its appearance at Brands Hatch on Dec. 6, 1970.

Monster – The news media billed the car as “the Monster Lotus 30” on August 10, 1970 at the Formula Libre race in Scotland.

Too Much


Too Spooky – During practice at Goodwood for the May 1, 1965 Tourist Trophy FIA race, Bob Bondurant said the car was “too spooky”. His reserve driver, Brian Muir took to the wheel to “get a time”.

Brutal – The press called the car “brutal” after a 1972 Brands Hatch race in which John Markey finished in third, after running in second place until the gear change started sticking in 2nd and 3rd gears.

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