Credits, Sources, References

Richard Keyes, owner of the Pink Stamps Lotus 30, would like to thank the following:

John Markey – graciously supplied all of his personal notes, clippings, and conversations.

Jeff Uren – also graciously supplied photos and was most helpful with filling out the car’s early history.

Stuart Mathieson and Mathwall Engineering – mechanical information

Peter Denty – mechanical information

Dan Gurney’s All American Racers – mechanical information

AP Racing – mechanical information

Eric Keyes – mechanical, plumbing and electrical assembly and debugging

Gary Gilbertson – machinist

Dean Loros – electrical

Jack Brink – body and paint

PSI / Northwest Testing Labs – non-destructinve testing

John Strange – original co-owner

Kirk Keyes – car debugging, web site

Brady Joy – car debugging

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