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Known Owners
1964 B. White

According to the article article “Will 1965 be the Year? The Development History of the Biggest Lotus”, Motor, 10 Jun. 1965, one Lotus 30 was delivered to B. White.

From Doug Nye:

“Bernard White – wealthy, rather dilettante, owner/entrant of good quality competition cars initially for his cousin Vic Wilson. Lived in Harrogate, Yorkshire, I believe. Bought two BRM P261s for the 1966 season – chassis ‘2615’ and ‘2617’ but the works retained the latter car, Jackie Stewart’s, due to slow development of the replacement P83 H16. Although White retained his option on it this was the car JYS destroyed at Spa ’66, so Bernard White never did take delivery of his second car.

“Meanwhile the first car was driven for him – briefly – by Vic Wilson before they fell out, and White engaged Bob Bondurant for the rest of the season, though their deal was on a race-by-race basis. Later Innes Ireland drove the car as Bondurant found better offers. White and his wife named their operation Team Chamaco Collect – apparently after a famous Hispanic bullfighter???

“Also operated a Lotus 30 for Vic Wilson and a Ferrari 250LM. Off the top of my head perhaps that was in 1965 before the BRM deal???? Can’t recall without looking it up and haven’t got time right now.

“Colours very dark green with white lateral nose flash. The White BRM P261 was later modified to accept a 3-litre BRM V12 engine and in this form it was driven by the likes of David Hobbs and Frank Gardner. Didn’t work.

“I believe Bernard White is still pumping air and lives in Spain or Portugal???[1]Bernard White, who is he? – The Nostalgia Forum – The Autosport Forums

More from the same thread, buy Macmachugh:

Just seen this post.
Almost correct but a few errors.
Where you discovered ‘dilettante’ is a mystery and a joke. I was a close friend and the description almost made me fall off my chair – laughing. So far from the truth.
Wealthy – yes. His brother Gordon (later Sir Gordon and even later Lord White) together with James (later Sir James and even later Lord Hanson) were the powers behind Hanson Trust, scourge of The City in the 60’s/70’s and 80’s and beloved by Margaret Thatcher.
Bernard ran the print/publishing division based in Hull.
Bernars lived in the village of Walkington, East Yorkshire not Harrogate (West Yorkshire).
Bernard did not fall out with Vic Wilson – Vic worked for Bernard and accepted he was not fast enough. Vic continued to work for Bernard for a number of years.
Vic came over from South Africa. Benard bought an old F1 Lotus (I can’t remember which one) but it was replaced with the Lotus 30 which frightened Vic (and many other Lotus 30 drivers). It did not last long. It was followed by the Ferrari 250LM (5907) and that was joined by the BRM (216/5 now owned by Andrew Wearing) and the GT40 (1001). Most of Bernard’s cars (road and track) and Lords White and Hanson were painted the same special green – the BRM and 250LM were that green. Bernards second Ferrari 275GTB an GTB/4, his Bentley, E type, were in the green, these were owned at the same time together with a Maserati Sebring, road going GT40 (later bought by Noel Edmonds) Mercedes 250SL and a Fiat 500 (we would drive that with the fabric roof open sitting up so our heads poked out for fun – sick eh?).
Bernard moved to Spain in 1970 and passed away over Christmas 2008 aged 82. I could write a book on our exploits !! [2]ibid.

The present whereabouts of this car is unknown.

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