Chassis No.
Known Owners
1965 – Team Lotus

A photo of this car taken at the 1965 Oulton Park Tourist Trophy car be found here.ford_uk-02_05_23_004-clark-65-oulton-park-450w
For Mosport, the car was modified to use tires that were taken off Clark’s Indy winning Lotus 38.  [1]”I am the person who modified the the real wheel openings of that car to fit the tires taken off of the car he raced and won with at the 500 Indy. If my memory is correct those tires had 16? tread width each.  So we had about 120 sq.+ in rubber contact with the road surface on the drive wheels at high speed.  No one else at that time had even half of that.” Robbie Preston. Personnal Communication. 6 Aug 2015
Date Unknown – Serge Pozzoli / Museum of the Geyier
Date Unknown – Count Zanone
2002 – Found! More photos here.”The last lotus 30 in original condition. Chassis number 30/S2/1. This car has been displayed during years in the famous French “Static” collection of Serge Pozzoli: Museum of the Geyrier. Then it was sold and driven a little (in the late 80’s..). We found it in 100% original condition as you can see on pictures. The price of this incredible piece of history is only EUR 155,000 including all European taxes and fees. As you can notice, this is a beautiful restoration project. The car has been driven by Sir Jack Brabham (at the time it was painted red as seen in many books). It was last raced by the famous Italian Count Zanone in the Italian hillclimb championship. This is the first car of the second series.” Text supplied by www.carclassic.com.This car is currently for sale and can be found at www.carclassic.com.www.lotus30.com has no business association with www.carclassic.com, and this information is supplied only as a service to the visitors of this web site.

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