According to the article article “Will 1965 be the Year? The Development History of the Biggest Lotus”, Motor, 10 Jun. 1965, two Series 1 Lotus 30s were delivered to Ian Walker Racing.

The first of these two cars was crashed by Tony Hegbourne at Brands Hatch. The parts that survived the crash were used to build a new car around a new chassis, 30/L/17. This car is often referred to as the “Ian Walker replacement car”.

Heinz Schreiber, who lives in Germany, has owned the “replacement car”, 30/L/17 since the early 1980s. Mr. Schreiber has supplied us with the following information on his car –

The new car was never raced by Ian W. and he offered it for sale in Autosport, Jan. 29th/65 (for 3100 GBP). It was bought by a chap from Switzerland, called Kurt Rost, who raced it in 65 in Germany, Austria and the occasional Swiss hillclimb (without much success).

Jn 67 it was sold to a German (Albert Pfuhl) who raced it only a couple of times and the car was stored by 2 different owners from 68 onwards.

So it has not had a very successful history (but which 30/40 has…!!) on the circuits, but was completely original when I found it – even the ignition key was in the dashboard, the little horn (requested by the then sportscar rules) was working and the old Dunlop “green-spot” tyres were still on it’s rims.

Only the engine has replaced by a road-going 289-Ford as the last owner had planned to register it on the road (but never succeeded…)

I started restoration quite a few years ago but several other Lotuses for Historic Racing came in between (two 69’s, 47, 22).

(Schreiber, Heinz, personal communication, 27 Jan 1995.)

Chassis No.
Known Owners
1964 Ian Walker (crashed by Tony Hegbourne) (Prototype)
1964 – Ian Walker (replacement car) See 30/L/1. This car was built around the surviving parts from the crash of chassis 30/L/1. This car was never raced by Ian Walker Racing, and it was offered for sale in Autosport on 29 Jan 1965 for 3100 GBP.

1965 – Kurt Rost (Switzerland) Rost raced the car in Germany and Austria and the occasional Swiss hill climb.

1967 – Albert Pfuhl (Germany) Raced a few times by Pfuhl.

1968 – Stored by a couple different owners from 1968 to the early 1980s.

1980s (early) – Heinz Schreiber (Germany) – current owner.

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