Engineering Drawings – ZF 5 DS-25 Gearbox

zf-5-ds25-manual-p_21-fig-1crop The Pink Stamps Special Lotus 30 currently has a ZF-Synchroma 5 DS-25 gearbox with 5 forward speeds and one reverse. Below is the service manual for the ZF 5 DS-25 Gearbox.

File Downloads JPG Format PDF Format Example
ZF Manual24 pages
including the 3 figures below
not available pdf file(6.5 MB) not available
ZF Manual Fig. 21-1 jpg file
3124 x 2280 pixels
(812 MB)
pdf file(0.4 MB) zf-5-ds25-manual-p_21-fig-1-300w
ZF Manual Fig. 21-2 jpg file
3258 x 2370 pixels
(0.8 MB)
pdf file(0.4 MB) zf-5-ds25-manual-p_21-fig-2-300w
ZF Manual Fig. 21-3

jpg file

3294 x 2292 pixels

(0.7 MB)

pdf file(0.6 MB) zf-5-ds25-manual-p_21-fig-3-300w

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