Image Gallery – Retromobile 2002 Car Show

Image Gallery

Retromobile 2002 Car Show

Paris, France, February 2002

3 AM the morning of the races - after many late nights in the shop!

The Lotus 30 of Rétromobile 2002 was the 30/L/7 from 1964.

She was originally sold in S1 form and later changed to S2. She was sold new at Duchess Autos in California in November 1964. She was going in some race (not too much) : NASSAU (pré-NASCA) and SCCA. After she was staying a long time in a exhibition .

She was bought in 1979 by Alex SELDON. She was preperated for vintage car racing. She has a Ford 289 (motor of developement FAV GT 40 by Mathwall Eng.) 380 bhp. The fuel injection Tecalemit – Jackson was replaced by carburateurs Weber 48 IDA (the horse power was around 350 et 6500 rpm at this time). The gear box was a ZF 5 DS 20 reconditioned.

She was sold in 1981 to Jeffrey WAKLIN. But she was to sell another time in 1981.

She was in an article of Doug Nye in Old Motor in 10/1981 “The Beautiful Miscalculation.” She disappeared in 1981. She was found in 1999 by Mike PATON in USA. She stayed 3 years in California for sale without sucess. The “galerie du damier” bought it in 2001. She was shown on 08/02/2002 (Feb. 2, 2002) at Rétromobile and sold that day.

The new buyer, reportedly from Belgium, asked to keep out the car from Rétromobile. So she was just staying 2 days at Rétromobile 2002… She was replaced by a Lotus 11.

Report adapted from information collected and supplied by Emmanuel Joucla

More can be found about this car here.

Joucla_Lotus_30-001 Joucla_Lotus_30-002 Joucla_Lotus_30-003
Joucla_Lotus_30-004 Joucla_Lotus_30-005 Joucla_Lotus_30-006
Joucla_Lotus_30-007 Joucla_Lotus_30-008 Joucla_Lotus_30-009
Joucla_Lotus_30-010 Joucla_Lotus_30-011 Joucla_Lotus_30-012
Joucla_Lotus_30-013 Joucla_Lotus_30-014 Joucla_Lotus_30-015
Joucla_Lotus_30-016 Joucla_Lotus_30-017 Joucla_Lotus_30-018
Joucla_Lotus_30-019 Joucla_Lotus_30-020 Joucla_Lotus_30-021
Joucla_Retromobile 2002 P2080024_Pandolfi P2080025_Pandolfi
P2080026_Pandolfi P2080029_Pandolfi P2080032_Pandolfi
P2080033_Pandolfi P2080034_Pandolfi P2080035_Pandolfi
P2080036_Pandolfi P2080038_Pandolfi P2080039_Pandolfi
P2080040_Pandolfi P2080041_Pandolfi P2080042_Pandolfi
Pandolfi_P2080027 Pandolfi_P2080028 Pandolfi_P2080029
Pandolfi_P2080030 Pandolfi_P2080043 Pandolfi_P2080044
Photos Courtesy of Emmanuel Joucla and Frank Pandolfi
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