The Lotus 30/40:

Pink Stamps Lotus 30 at Silverstone, 1970
Pink Stamps Lotus 30 at Silverstone, 1970

The biggest, hairiest Lotus Colin Chapman ever built!

The Pink Stamps Lotus 30/40:

The most successful Lotus 30 or 40 ever raced.

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This web site is devoted to preserving the history of the Pink Stamps Special Lotus 30 and other vintage Lotus 30 and 40 sports cars. The Lotus 30 and 40 were the largest sports racing cars that Lotus ever built. They were as fast or faster than the Formula One Grand Prix cars of its time.

The Lotus 30 that has come to be known as the Pink Stamps Lotus 30 was the most successful Lotus 30 or 40. It competed in over 50 International Grand Prix Races for Sports Cars and National (Great Britain) Races. It has a total of 21 wins, 10 second places, 6 third places, and one each at 4th, 5th, and 6th place. It also achieved 13 overall wins, 10 second places, 5 thirds, and 8 fastest lap of race records.

The Pink Stamps Special Lotus 30 is currently owned by Richard Keyes of Portland, OR, USA. It has been restored to near the condition it was when it raced at Silverstone on 30 Aug. 1970, where it set the fastest lap record and won its first race as the Pink Stamps Lotus 30. The car is powered by an ex-Alan Mann Ford GT 40 LeMans engine with Gurney-Weslake heads.

This web site has numerous photos of the Pink Stamps Lotus 30/40 as well as several other Lotus 30s and 40s, information about these historic sports cars, as well as some of the drivers and teams that raced these fabulous cars.

If you know of any information regarding this Lotus or any other Lotus 30 or 40, please send us an email.


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