Sent by David Pawlik – Lotus 40 Scale Model

1/24th scale

Photos Copyright © 2017 David Pawlik. All Rights Reserved.

David Pawlik sent the following on 22 Aug 2017:
“I recently obtained a Hong Kong toy (says Hong Kong right on it) that supposedly is a Lotus 40.  The dimensions other than the wheelbase are nearly spot on in 1/24 scale to the ones I can find. The wheel base is short about 5mm.  Its made of a thick plastic and the overall shape is
actually pretty good. The greatest inaccuracies are the wheel openings are too large, the front fenders sit too high as does the nose; most
can be corrected with a bit of work.

I am still researching for details about the chassis, wheels/tires, the cockpit, and correct driveline.  Some sources state as GT40 based,
others list as a Ford 289/Hewland set, which is most like the Lotus-Ford Indy cars.”

Sent on 4 Sept 20217:
“From everything I have seen so far, this is a re-work of the Hasegawa slot car kit.  The upper body is an exact match while the lower body has been changed to allow the pull-back motor.  The drivers location was cut-out by a previous owner.

There are some inaccuracies that carry over from the Hasegawa. The nose is too high and a bit incorrect in shape while the wheel openings area also too large.  The vents on the engine cover do not match any photo I have seen and the area where the rear fenders meet the rear spoiler is also not quite right.

All of these I plan to correct to create an accurate static model.  The chassis will be based on the Tamiya Lotus Europa as it has the same central spine-tuning fork engine frame design.  The Ford V8/Hewland driveline will come from an old AMT Indy car as will most of the suspension.”

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