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Race Proved by Willment



“The ‘Race Proved by Willment’ Lotus 30/40 during practice at Goodwood, Sussex, being driven by Bob Bondurant of USA. It was, he said “too spooky” so a reserve took over to ‘get a time’!” – Jeff Uren

The photo location appears to actually be Silverstone on 10 July 1965. Perhaps this photo was actually taken at Goodwood as the team may have been practising before the Si52 lverstone race.

There is another photo in John Tipler’s Lotus Racing Cars which has a photo of the car with #19 along side John ‘Tony’ Dean’s Lotus 30, which is marked as car #17. Tipler mention’s that the photo was taken as Silverstone in May of 1965. It appears that he has the incorrect date for the photo in his book.

Photo courtesy of Jeff Uren.

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